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About Sound Zero

SOUND ZERO is the UK’s leading design & build company that puts acoustics first, creating exceptional sounding spaces.

A better place to work.
How does that sound?

We create spaces that empower people to excel.
At Sound Zero, we believe a workplace environment should be thoughtfully designed, inspiring, and inclusive. That is why leading brands trust us to cut through the noise.

We are experts in creating environments that ensure privacy, security, and collaboration, allowing your team to flourish. Trust Sound Zero to transform your office into an acoustically balanced space, enhancing communication and fostering a more inclusive work environment.

Acoustic Services
Sound Zero offer a wide variety of acoustic services. So whether you need a solution for your office, studio or your commercial environment we can help.

Office acoustics
Office acoustic solutions for employees health, comfort and productivity.

Developing brands and creating concepts
Office acoustics is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Offices are not simply a place to work. They should be a hub for talented people to collaborate and innovate. Our creative team will ensure that your office acoustics portrays your brand through design-led innovation.

Music Studio Design
We specialise in bespoke music studio design, as well as any critical listening environment such as mastering rooms, production and writing rooms, full size recording spaces, studio control rooms and voiceover/sync studios.

Sound Zero specialises in music studio design and will guide you through the whole process
Recording spaces can have a variety of uses, from self-recorded voice overs to recording full band and orchestras, the size and scale can vary widely. The intended use or uses can have a dramatic impact on the type of treatment, aesthetic and amount of work required to make the space suitable for the client. We at Sound Zero place a high emphasis on design-led solutions, as we believe that a working environment should be creatively stimulating.

Podcast Studio Design
Professional podcast studios combine superb design, pitch-perfect acoustics and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver next-level podcasts. Sound Zero’s seamless service provides you with a complete consultation, design, manufacture and installation process, keeping things simple and efficient for your business.

Commercial Acoustics
Customers, employees, and service users are becoming increasingly conscious of an establishment’s acoustic properties. Whether it be bad reverberation control, making it difficult to have a conversation in a busy bar or a restaurant, or a loud and distracting shopping centre, people care.

Acoustic Solutions For Commercial Buildings
Studies indicate that establishments with good acoustic properties have a higher level of customer satisfaction overall, with an increased spend per head.

Our commercial noise control products can transform any space. Our acoustic panel systems are easily customisable and can be resized and fitted into place with no need to modify existing walls and ceilings.

Rely on Sound Zero to turn a noisy establishment into a calm place where patrons will enjoy themselves and come back time and time again.

Reviews & Testimonials for Sound Zero

5 star review
October 31, 2023
Winchester College commissioned Sound Zero to provide acoustic treatment to our College Church and also to a Boarding House Music Rooms, both projects were carried out without problems and completed within the school timeframes allocated. We are currently looking at working with Sound Zero on further Music Practice Rooms and a noisy Dining Hall.
Testimonial by
Mark Rides
0 star review
October 28, 2023
Luke at Sound Zero has helped us with a really complex project. Building a studio in London with close neighbours and residential spaces upstairs. High quality sound-proofing totally essential and Sound Zero have been incredibly helpful. Pre-empting problems all the time, and staying on board throughout the (over-long) project overseeing the work of our contractors, correcting mistakes wherever they crop up and helping overcome inevitable issues. Would definitely recommend for any studio builds or sound-proofing/acoustic treatment jobs.
Testimonial by
Jack Martin
Sound Zero. 2 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.


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