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Mr Shaun Snaith
Unit B Maunside
Greenlines Ind Est
NG18 5GU
England UK

About Advanced Acoustics

Welcome to Advanced Acoustics, the specialists in acoustic treatment and soundproofing products. We are one of the leading forerunners in the acoustic treatment and soundproofing market, boasting many years of experience in the industry.

Our products are wide-ranging and designed to suit all of your requirements, ranging from project studios to the professional studio environment. Whether you require bass traps or acoustic tiles, panels or soundproofing materials, get in touch, we have the materials to satisfy domestic or commercial requirements.

Take a look at our extensive catalogue of products and feel confident in the knowledge you are dealing with the acoustic experts. We have the knowhow and the experience to offer advice and provide soundproofing solutions for any room that requires effective acoustic remedies. Ring now to see how we can help.

We supply soundproofing and acoustic foam materials suitable for a host of applications, whether you require that first fix soundproofing solution or total acoustic optimization of any given space.

We’re here to make life easier for you. Use our sound solutions for live rooms, vocal booths, rehearsal rooms, mixing rooms, control rooms, drum booths, dedicated listening rooms or home cinemas, and any project that requires effective soundproofing solutions.

Our services and products enable you to create a space that works perfectly and harmoniously with your acoustical needs, and we ship all around the world. Our services are second to none so no matter where you are located, make us the first choice for studio foam, acoustic treatment and soundproofing materials.

Office Acoustics
Office acoustic treatments greatly improve productivity within the workplace. A good acoustic environment in the classroom promotes good learning and healthy surroundings. These are fact. Superior acoustics also enhance the quality of sound in settings such as auditoriums, gymnasiums, sports halls, community halls, restaurants and call centres. They reduce reverberation and eliminate echoes within boardrooms, classrooms, lecture theatres and convention centres.

Our Class A and Class B acoustic panels are designed to improve the sound performance of your office whilst maintaining or enhancing the visual aspect. They quell noise, absorb sounds and make environments, such as your office, acoustically effective. Once installed our high quality acoustic panel absorbers will heighten learning, increase productivity and generally improve the comfort levels within any environment, and they look good adding to the appeal of the interior space.

Class A panels at Advanced Acoustic are made from the finest materials. They are constructed from 25mm or 50mm Class ‘0’ foam and conform to the latest building regulations. Available in different shapes, endless colour options and screen printed to your personal taste, we are confident we have the acoustic solution to exceed your expectations no matter whether you are acoustically treating your office, classroom or any other space causing issues.

Isolation Booths
Here at Advanced Acoustics we supply Silent Space Isolation Booths manufactured and built in the UK. They can be placed in your choice of room, assembled with the minimum of fuss, and can be dismantled just as easily if you want to move them to another location.

Studio Acoustic Foam Treatment
Numerous products are available to enhance the acoustics of studio settings. Our wide range of products will suit all budgets whether you have a little or a lot available to invest in room treatment. Acoustic tiles, panels and bass traps are just some of the treatment solutions that help to treat studios, control rooms, rehearsal spaces, production booths and vocal booths.

Cinema & Listening Room Acoustics
Cinema and listening rooms require quality acoustics to achieve their true potential. Premium quality equipment is only a small part of the equation. The way to enhance your listening pleasure is to install high-grade acoustic panels. Our panels are domestically friendly and well-suited to living rooms, dedicated listening rooms and home cinema settings.

Soundproofing Products
We have a vast range of products varying in price and performance to suit most needs and applications. Soundproofing from the look of it can be a daunting task however with our help and solutions it doesn't have to be. Just take advantage of our input and products to achieve the results you require. We not only supply the materials you require but we can also complete the installation for you.


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