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About London Precast ltd

London Precast Ltd is set up in Belvedere, Kent, with over 10 years experience within the Irish and U.K. construction industry. We are well equipped to handle all your precast concrete needs. Our concrete supply is lafarge patent ‘Agilia Self Compacting’ concrete mix for all our precast products which gives a high quality finish to our precasts units. This is something we have tried to achieve for many years using conventional concrete. ‘Agilia Self Compacting’ concrete mix creates a smooth and flat surface with little or no blow holes.

  • Stairs

  • Hollow core flooring

  • Balconies

  • Structural beams/ground beams

  • Structural columns

  • Stadiums

  • Specialist precast applications

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London Precast stairs division deals primarily in the following types of stairs;
  • Straight flights in reinforced concrete

  • Spiral stair flights in reinforced concrete

  • Open riser flights in HPC

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London Precast produces six different profiles. Please see load span graphs as a general guide for customers. It is however advisable that customers contact London Precast offices for specific guidance on their intended application. The current pro-files of flooring being produced by London Precast are shown here.
  1. 150 X 1200 X 220kg/m2

  2. 150 X 1200 X 300kg/m2

  3. 200 X 1200 X 280kg/m2

  4. 200 X 1200 X 300kg/m2

  5. 250 X 1200 X 340kg/m2

  6. 300 X 1200 X 400kg/m2

Several types of balconies are made by London Precast, depending on whether “Ordinary Reinforced Concrete” or “High Performing Concrete” has been used and whether these balconies are fitted with thermal breakers or not. Other variations in finishing may exist, depending on Architects preference.

Reinforced concrete slabs which have unsupported balconies and landings are known problem areas for thermal insulation, acoustic transmission and corrosion. Cold bridging leads to condensation and potential development of damp internal corners and mould. Traditional rigid construction gives rise to further problems, for example stresses resulting from temperature fluctuations and signs of fatigue in reinforcing bars. These problems and consequential damage are what London Precast Balcony systems seeks to solve.

London Precast ltd ImageLondon Precast ltd Image

Installation of London Precast balconies is quite simple. The balconies are propped according to specification details contained in the drawings, or more commonly 2 number props – usually supplied by the contractor - for every 3m. The props are left in place for 21 days - except where a specific instruction by the engineer overrides this requirement. The props are removed from place after the expiration of the period stated thus or in exceptional situations as may be deemed right by London Precast. Installation takes account of initial and final settlements.
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