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76 Powder Mill Lane
Questor Estate
England UK
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About Martello Piling

We can construct large diameter piles in restricted access and low headroom environments (1050mm diameter to 40m depth)…

In unrestricted conditions we construct piles up to 2.0m diameter and 55.0m deep.

We Innovate: We design and build our own piling rigs to meet your specific requirements.

Our directors have extensive knowledge of the Piling industry, and our workforce are dedicated, knowledgeable, highly trained and committed to safe working.

Our Services

Restricted Access Piling
If you require large diameter piles, but your site is constrained by restricted access or low headroom conditions, then Martello Piling have the ideal solution.

The “Martello Technique “ enables large diameter piles to be constructed in headroom conditions as low as 3.5m, to create an “open hole” rotary bored pile, where even the most complex of pile reinforcement can be installed.

Unrestricted Access Piling
If your project requires rotary bored piles of large diameter, technical complexity, or significant depth, then Martello Piling will have the solution.

We have the design capability, technical expertise and the experience and equipment to meet your project requirements.

CFA Piling
Continuous flight auger (CFA) is a cast in-situ method of piling that drills the pile using a hollow stemmed continuous flight auger equivalent to the required pile depth.

Design Management
Martello Piling work with selected design partners who have a proven record of delivering cost efficient and practical-to-build geotechnical solutions. We are fully conversant with the latest edition of the ICE Specification for Piling and Embedded Retaining Walls, and together with our designers work to the current execution codes for piling along with the latest geotechnical and structural standards.

Secant Walls
Secant pile walls are constructed by forming interconnecting reinforced concrete piles. A guide wall is constructed to set out the position of the secant piles which is followed by the installation of the ‘Female’ piles whilst ensuring enough space is left in between for the ‘Male’ piles to be constructed. This type of retaining wall is reinforced with either steel rebar or steel beams and are installed by an augering technique. Secant walls are recommended when water tightness is a requirement.

Contiguous Pile Walls
Contiguous pile walls are installed using rotary bored or CFA techniques. This type of retaining wall is constructed with close spaces between adjacent piles and are used on a range of engineering projects such as ground stabilisation, underpasses and basement walls.

Rig Lifts
The rigs are lightweight in comparison to the majority of others commercially available, and have been specifically designed and manufactured for ease of strip-down into smaller components which can be individually lifted in and then re-assembled into the completed unit.

Pile Load Testing
Martello offer pile load testing in both conventional and innovative ways.

The conventional reactionary pile testing for working or preliminary test piles is managed by Martello to provide the data to the client and proof of the adequacy of the design.

Pile Load Test with O Cell
A more unconventional form of pile testing is an Osterberg “Ocell” pile test which Martello undertake with the help of Fugro Loadtest.

Plunge Column Frames
Plunge Columns are often of lengths up to 20.0m long and could be required to be terminated several meters below the existing ground level.

Martello have designed and fabricated a modular-sectioned Plunge Column Frame designed to achieve the above tolerance requirement.

Concrete Coring
Concrete coring is required when there are obstructions present in the ground. Martello has developed specific cutting equipment to overcome significant obstructions which are virtually impossible to remove using traditional auger techniques. Using our specialist coring equipment Martello can remove obstructions safely and effectively allowing the installation of piles to resume as soon as possible.

Lift Shaft Liners
The step free access requirements for most modern buildings often dictate a need for lifts which are powered up and down by the use of long hydraulic rams housed in water-tight steel liners cast into the ground beneath the lower floor.

For any other questions or enquiries please Contact Us!


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