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01603 488598
Mr Tim Gates
MAG Group Building
Vulcan Road South
England UK

About Althon Limited

Althon Precast Headwalls and Water Management

Althon Ltd manufacture and distribute specialist water management products to the construction industry.

We design and manufacture precast concrete headwalls to meet Sewers for Adoption and Severn Trent Guidelines. Our product range includes flap valves, penstocks and stop logs as well as trash screens and outfall safety grilles. Althon also manufacture precast concrete penstock chambers and offer a large range of commercial and industrial application drainage channels.

Precast Concrete Headwalls

Althon precast concrete headwalls offer a cost effective alternative to in-situ headwalls pipework discharging into attenuation ponds, rivers, ditches, swales and tidal environments. We have ranges of Sewers for Adoption 7th Ed. and Severn Trent Water specification compliant headwalls. We offer a range of factory fitted accessories on our headwalls such as flap valves, penstocks, Kee Klamp® handrails, baffle blocks as well as gratings and trash screens.

  • Precast Concrete Headwalls
  • Headwall Specifier
  • Standard Precast Concrete Headwalls
  • Sewers for Adoption (SFA) Headwalls
  • Rectangular Precast Headwalls
  • Rectangular SFA Headwalls
  • Angled Precast Headwalls
  • Culvert Precast Headwalls

Flow Control & Flood Prevention

Althon offer a range of specialist water management and flood prevention products such as HDPE flap valves, ductile iron flap valves, penstocks, Wastop inline non-return valves, stop logs, Tideflex duckbill and Checkmate valves. We offer flanged, wall mounted and tidal flap valves as well as wall mounted and inline penstocks.

We can factory fit most of these products to our precast headwalls or precast inspection chambers if required.

  • Penstocks
  • Flap Valves
  • Wastop Inline Non Return Valves
  • Hand Stop Gate
  • Stoplogs
  • Manhole Pipe Safety Chains
  • Orifice Plates
  • Tideflex Valves

Drainage Channel Range

The Althon drainage channel range of surface water channel drainage products caters for all types of construction sites from car parks to airports and docks. Our drainage channels cater for applications from A15 – F900 load classes.

  • High Capacity Drainage Channel
  • Polymer Concrete Drainage Channel
  • GRP Lightweight Drainage Channel
  • Light / Medium Duty Drainage Channel

SFA Outfall Safety Grilles, Trash Screens & Precast Penstock Chambers

Althon offer a comprehensive range of Sewers for Adoption, Sewers for Scotland and UU specification gratings, 45 and 60 degree sloped trash screens with the option for side returns and circular pipe mounted gratings.

We also have a range of precast concrete chambers for housing factory fitted penstocks and precast concrete end walls with fitted penstocks or flap valves.

  • Sewers For Adoption Outfall Safety Grilles
  • Sloped and Circular Trash Screens and Gratings
  • Precast Concrete Penstock Manhole Chambers
  • Precast Concrete Penstock Endwalls

Althon Ltd are part of the MAG Group of Companies

MAG Group Limited is a privately owned UK based business operating since 1982. MAG Group has 6 subsidiary companies concentrating on the manufacture and supply of specialist products for the construction industry and retail markets.

We employ around 70 people and have a customer base throughout the UK and worldwide having traded in over 50 countries to date. MAG Group Limited anticipates significant growth in 2018 with Group turnover set to exceed £17 million.

If you have any more questions or enquiries please Contact Us



Althon CPD course now available - 'Specifying the right headwall for your application'

Althon are pleased to announce our new CPD certified course ‘Specifying the right headwall for your application’. The primary focus of the course is to help engineers and specifiers with identifying the correct headwall for their application, including information on where you would use Sewers for Adoption headwalls and how to make sure you are compliant with a section 104 agreement.

The course is also relevant to our Builders’ Merchant client base, to enhance knowledge regarding headwalls and to enable them to assist their customers in depth.

Althon also wish to raise awareness of the different accessories that can be both pre and retro-fitted onto headwalls, to aid with water management. These include flap valves, penstock gates, Wastop and Tideflex valves alongside Kee Klamp hand rails and many more.

The course covers in detail the critical dimensions that you need to know in order to the select the correct headwall and or/accessories. A checklist is provided, so that customers can make sure they’re getting the required details when liaising with clients. This course counts towards continued professional development and a certificate of attendance if available for each delegate.

If you're interested in completing this course please e-mail or phone 01603 488700
New Vermin Gratings

Althon have just launched two new Vermin Gratings, the pipe mounted vermin gate in 304 stainless steel and also the vermin mesh grille PN16 flange in 316 stainless steel.

Pipe mounted vermin gates in 304 stainless steel are hinged at the top to allow passage in the direction of flow but will prevent rats and other vermin climbing back up the pipe.

Vermin mesh grilles with a PN16 flange in 316 stainless steel are designed to fit between two flanged pipes or fittings, or at the end of a flanged pipe run to prevent rodents and other vermin entering connecting pipework.

For more information or for pricing please contact our sales team by email or by telephone on 01603 488700
Narrow Headwalls with Large Flap Valves

Althon have recently supplied a large narrow headwall to accommodate two 1200mm ID pipes factory fitted with HDPE flap valves for a project near Glasgow.

For this project we were able to use on of our standard narrow headwalls with an extension piece cast in the middle to create the width the customer required.

We can cast multiple pipe openings into any of our headwalls but if you cannot find a design you are looking for please use our Design Service, email us or call us on 01603 488700
Mammal Shelves & Ledges

Althon have just launched a new range of mammal ledges in GRP and mammal shelves in HDPE.

Mammal shelves and ledges can be installed on new or existing culverts and allow animals such as badgers, otters and other wildlife to pass through culverts or under bridges reducing the risk of drowning in the culvert or river.

Please visit the section of our website for more information or for pricing please contact our sales team by email or by telephone on 01603 488700
Certified CPD Member

Althon Limited are pleased to announce that they are now a certified CPD Member. As a company we believe assisting others to continue their lifelong learning journey is a privilege; it enables people from a plethora of backgrounds to increase their knowledge and enhance their professional capabilities. We will be providing a range of courses to enable designers and specifiers to select the correct headwall and accessories for their application. Alongside this, we will be developing relationships with our Builders Merchant partners to enable them to assist our customers further through dedicated training. All courses will be certified for accrual towards individual CPD requirements.

Contact for further details or telephone 01603 488700.
Anglian Water Approved Headwalls

Althon Ltd are pleased to announce that their ‘Sewers for Adoption’ range of Headwalls have been approved for use on projects that are to be adopted under a Section 104 agreement by Anglian Water Services Ltd.  Althon can advise on the most appropriate product from our range to suit the site requirement.  The full range of acceptable Headwalls are available to view drawings and download here.  Consultants should specify the particular Headwall they intend to use when making their application allowing Anglian Water Services to review and ensure it is fit for purpose in the location proposed.  If you are unable to find a Headwall that meets you specific site requirements we are able to offer modifications to our standard Headwalls or can produce bespoke units, please contact our sales office on 01603 488700 or for further information.
Bespoke Headwall at Mauldslie WWTW

Althon have recently supplied a bespoke precast headwall retaining wall at Mauldslie WWTW.
The headwall was manufactured to accommodate multiple pipe openings and to site specific dimensions.
The headwall was offloaded and installed by the contractor within the space of a morning.
If you require a bespoke precast headwall please use the Headwall Design Tool or email for more information on how Althon can help.
Headwall Design Tool

Althon have launched a Headwall Design Tool to enable you to specify the headwall you require with associated factory fitted accessories.

We have produced a Headwall Design Request Form where you fill out as much information as possible. We will then send you a CAD & PDF drawing of your chosen headwall and will liaise with you to further refine the design to suit your specific requirements if required.

Headwall accessories include but are not limited to flap valves, penstocks, cascade panels, dissipation blocks, V notch weirs, handrails, gates & ladders.
Headwall Brochure

Althon have released an updated headwall brochure giving a detailed overview of our range of precast headwalls.

The brochure was produced for the FloodExpo 2019 at which Althon exhibited. The brochure not only gives details on our range of concrete headwalls but also our other products such as flap valves, penstocks and drainage channels.

A copy of our new brochure can be downloaded here
Headwalls with Cascade Panels

Althon have recently manufactured a precast concrete headwall complete with a 8.5m long cascade panel for a project in Sunderland.

You can use the Althon Headwall Specifier to find the headwall you require. Althon can then assist with pricing and design drawings detailing Cascade panesl on our headwall drawings in CAD and PDF

You can also visit the Precast Concrete Headwalls section of the website or call on 01603 488700
Headwalls with Tideflex Valves

Althon can manufacture concrete headwalls with Tideflex duckbill valves. We factory fit the duckbill valves to our precast concrete headwalls ensuring they fit properly and reducing installation time on site. Factory fitting duckbill valves to headwalls also means the headwalls do not have to be drilled on site which has great health and safety benefits.

You can the Althon Headwall Specifier to find the headwall you require. Althon can then assist with pricing and design drawings detailing Tideflex valves on the headwall drawings in CAD and PDF

You can also visit the Precast Concrete Headwalls section of Althon's website or call us on 01603 488700
Headwall BIM Objects

Althon have just launched BIM objects available to download from the Headwalls section of the website in .rfa .ifc and .adsk other file types available on request.

If you cannot find the drawing you require in 3D please email

Visit The Althon Headwalls Website
Sewers For Adoption Headwalls For Marina

Althon have recently supplied 2No. SFA27D Headwalls with bolt on toes to suit 1200mm dia concrete pipes to Upton upon Severn Marina.

All Althon SFA headwalls and toes are cast with lifting points for easy and quick offloading, transporting and installing into their final position. No need for any specialised lifting equipment just standard lifting hooks are chains are need to move the headwalls and toes.

You can use the Althon Headwall Specifier to find the headwall you require. We can then assist with pricing and design drawings detailing an appropriate headwall.

You can also visit the Precast Headwalls section of our website.
Precast Headwall Sizes UK's Largest Range

Althon manufacture precast concrete headwalls to suit any pipework. We cast the openings into our headwalls to suit the OD of the specified pipework.

Headwalls can be factory fitted with gratings, flap valves, penstocks, handrails and other accessories.

You can use the Headwall Specifier to find the headwall you require. Althon can then assist with pricing and design drawings detailing an appropriate sized headwall

You can also visit the Precast Concrete Headwalls section of Althon's website

Box Culvert Headwalls

Althon has new range of precast concrete Box Culvert Headwalls to suit a maximum internal box culvert of 2650mm wide x 1750mm high. All of Althon's CSP Culvert headwalls can be factory fitted with gratings, flap valves, Kee Klamp handrail, penstocks and other flow control devices. Toe depths are also available up to 1000mm and come in thickness of 300 or 500mm.

Please visit the Precast Headwalls for Culverts section of Althon's website for more information or Precast Concrete Headwalls for our entire headwall range. For pricing please contact the Althon Sales Team by email or by telephone on 01603 488700

AH4C Angled Headwalls

AH4C Angled Headwalls

The AH4C Angled headwall has been designed specifically to meet the Environment Agency’s ‘Standard rules SR2015 No 27 –

Constructing an outfall pipe of 300mm diameter through a headwall into a main river & Exempt flood risk activities: environmental permits section FRA12 ‘Outfall pipes less than 300mm diameter through a headwall’.  The AH4C allows water to discharge at a 45 Deg. angle, the Environment Agency’s preferred method when discharging into a watercourse.  Available with three different back wall heights and a separate Toe in three depth options that ensure not only is it easier to handle but easier to install & more importantly ensures the foundation around the toe and beneath the Headwall structure can be well compacted.

Please visit the Angled Headwall section of our website for more information or for pricing please contact our sales team by email or by telephone on 01603 488700
Products & Services

SFA Headwalls

Standard Headwalls

Angled Headwalls

Precast Concrete Headwalls


Flap valves

SFA Gratings & Trash Screens

Concrete penstock chambers

Inline non return valves

Tidal flap valves

Penstock chambers

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Drainage channel

Althon Limited General Description

Althon specialise in the design, manufacture and distribution of drainage products for the management, treatment, isolation and control of water. Our range of products includes Althon precast concrete headwalls, HDPE, cast iron and stainless steel flap valves, penstocks and stop logs
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