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Melanie Cassie
Time House Hillsons Road
SO30 2DY

About Good Directions Ltd

British Manufacturer For 30 Years!
Good Directions Ltd designs, manufactures and installs exterior and interior clocks, clock towers and architectural features. A large standard range of products is available and bespoke products can be designed to suit customer requirements.

Competitive on price, never beaten on quality! We pride ourselves on the fact that we produce 95% of the components and products we sell and as such we openly welcome our customers to visit our offices and factory.

We have been producing interior and exterior clocks for over 25 years, building a reputation worldwide for the quality of our products and the high level of service we provide.

We offer a large standard range of clock dial styles and sizes up to 2400mm, which can be mounted directly to a wall or housed within one of our Roof Turrets, Bezels, Drums or Pillar Clock features.

Our Design Team can help create a bespoke clock to suit your requirements, manufactured to any size up to 6000mm in diameter and from virtually any material. Dials can be customised with sign written names, initials, dates and corporate logos.
  • Exterior Clocks
  • Interior Clocks
  • Bezel Clocks
  • Drum Clocks
  • Pillar Clocks
  • Floral Clocks
  • Illuminated
  • Restoration
  • Luxury Clocks
Roof Turrets
We have one of the largest standard range of roof turrets available, with a wide choice of styles and sizes available to suit any application. Our attractive GRP roof turrets can be used simply for their aesthetic appeal or for specific functions - a clock tower, to carry a weathervane, as a source of natural light or as a venting outlet.

Each cupola is designed and manufactured using low maintenance GRP to meet specific requirements of the customer. A great deal of attention is given to the moulding details and roof finishes ensuring that the original style, colour and even surface finishes of traditional materials are maintained. With a range of body and roof styles available and a choice of colour, we can produce a design to suit any property.
  • Oxford
  • Winchester
  • Salisbury
  • Cambridge
  • Sarum
  • Hexagonal & Octagonal
  • Glazed
  • Ventilation
GRP Features
GRP has opened up many new avenues for Architects and creative designers, its unique physical properties allow it to be easily tooled, molded and manufactured to meet almost any specification. In order to imitate the original detailing found on traditional roofing all of our moulds for grp roofs and features are taken from hand crafted lead, copper and tile patterns.

Realistic surface finishes, colour matching and even aging is achievable. We have a large range of special moulds, which can be used in numerous ways such as on lift shafts, restaurants, entrances, etc.. The advantages of working with GRP are reduced weight, increased strength and minimal maintenance.

Replicas or replacements of past or existing structures can be manufactured in GRP, working from photographs or even measuring what is left of the original feature.
  • Roof Turrets
  • Clock Towers
  • Domes / Roofs
  • Canopies
  • Building features
  • Finials
  • Mosques
  • Churches
We manufacture a large range of Lead effect grey GRP Finials and Copper Finials all of which can be supplied with a Verdigris Patina where required. Our finials can be supplied with a fixing kit for mounting on to your existing structure or can be fitted to one of our standard clock towers, cupolas or roof turrets. Each of our standard finial designs can be adapted to turn them in to a bespoke solution to suit your requirements with the addition of spikes, extra balls and base skirts.
  • GRP
  • Copper
  • Bespoke GRP
  • Bespoke Metal
We offer a large standard range of three-dimensional weathervanes. Each vane has been designed to complement and fit our range of cupolas and clock towers or a selection of fixing kits for wall and roof mounting are also available. 

Our smaller sized Cottage range has been designed to be suitable for garden sheds, garages, conservatories, garden walls and our smallest size of clock tower. In addition to our standard ranges of weathervane, custom designs can be manufactured to any size and from virtually any material. We can work from artwork supplied or help design a unique weathervane.
  • Verdigris 3D
  • Silhouette
  • Bespoke
We have both in-house design and manufacturing expertise and capabilities unrivalled by most of our competitors. We offer customers, architects, contractors and designers a single point source for their exterior clocks, clock towers, cupolas and architectural features requirements.

Our team of over twenty staff pool skills and knowledge from a wide array of backgrounds and many years of work experience that enables us to offer a tailored service to suit our customers needs.

For more information, please Contact Us!

Reviews & Testimonials for Good Directions Ltd

5 star review
February 15, 2019
Testimonial by
Ellana Hoare
5 star review
September 17, 2018
Have dealt with Good directions several times.They have always been helpful and prompt and supplied us with a top quality product.Our town clock keeps perfect time thanks to new mechanisms purchased from G D.Recomended.
Testimonial by
Gwyn Richards
Good Directions Ltd. 5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.


Good directions Ltd restores historic clock to its former glory

There’s a very special clock at the Corn Exchange in Rochester that’s been telling people the time for nearly 250 years. The historic timepiece, a gift from Sir Cloudesley who was MP for Rochester from 1695 to 1701, had fallen into disrepair with wear and tear over the centuries taking its toll until much of the clock had to be dismantled for safety reasons.

With over 30 years experience in clock manufacturing and restoration Good Directions Ltd was approached to bring the clock back to life. The original wooden dials were in a terrible state with much of the wood broken off, deteriorated or repainted so often that the intricate detailing around the edge of the dial was all but lost.

Having removed all the layers of paint to expose a section of the original outer detail, silicone moulds were taken to be able to produce a new ornate ring in GRP, which was then finished with liquid gold paint. Each numeral was then measured and perfectly drawn so that they could be recreated on the new painted metal dials.

For ease of future maintenance and to reflect on the original construction the dials were made in sections with a removeable centre segment, to allow access to the mechanisms in the future without having to remove an entire clock dial.

An aluminium drum with internal framework was manufactured at our factory to house the impressive 6ft dials and finished in black as per the original with drainage holes drilled in the bottom to deal with any water ingress or moisture build-up.
The original hands were replicated in stainless steel and again finished in liquid gold paint to match the dial. These were perfectly counterbalanced and are driven by our heavy duty CL300 electric mechanisms, controlled by our clock resynchroniser. This will keep both clocks accurate, automatically restart them after any power failures and alter them at the summer and winter time changes.

Before the clock was put back in its pride of place above the High Street in Rochester a time capsule was placed inside the drum full of messages from primary school children explaining what they love most about Rochester, for future generations to find the next time the clock needs restoring in decades to come.
Large clock at school keeps everyone on time

When Crofton school completed their building renovations, they wanted a large clock to feature on the blank wall of the stairwell, however with only lightweight cladding they were worried the clock would be too heavy. They also wanted a modern style to suit the refurbished building, so individual rectangular chapters and straight baton hands were the ideal answer.

First, we created visuals for the school team to approve prior to manufacturing the clock. Our engineers then went to site and black painted metal rectangles denoting the hours were individually fitted to the wall to create an impressive 6ft diameter clock. The clock hands are operated by our heavy duty CL300 mechanism with a shaft that goes through the wall for support, with the mechanism and clock controller neatly housed inside an electrical box on the inside of the building easily accessible by the stairs.

Using our state of the art Total Control System clock controller with a battery back up means that the clock will always be accurate and automatically adjust the for the summer and winter time changes too.
Bespoke 1500mm clock featured on new development

Loughborough Park was a development of 390 flats built in 1938 and before the redevelopment it failed to meet the government’s Decent Homes standard. When the building was demolished, the original feature clock was to be restored ready to take pride of place on the new building.

However, the original clock dial was sadly lost, so we were provided with photos from which we drew a replica of the original dial and hands. Manufactured in metal, powder coated white and with individual numerals separate from the surrounding chapter rings just like the original, the clock now makes a striking feature on the new brick work.

We installed the clock after the completion of the new flats using our heavy duty CL300 electric mechanism, fitted with our resynchroniser to automatically adjust the clock after power failures and seasonal time changes. The clock is now a permanent reminder of times both old and new and remain a feature to enjoy for more decades to come.
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