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01209 204766
Duchy Business Centre
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TR15 3RT

About Approved Site Investigations Ltd

Approved Site Investigations Ltd, better known to our clients as ASI, is committed to delivering a professional and friendly service that is directly related to Cornwall's historic mining past and today's present industrial contamination problems.

With Cornish mining experience and staff qualified at the Camborne School of Mines, you can be assured of our advice and guidance in all aspects of your current site/home development. Liaising with the local Councils Planning & Environmental departments, we can direct you throughout the various stages of your development.

Our rates are extremely competitive and from local council to large scale developers and private home owners alike, we deliver concise, factual reports which propose solutions to your current problem.

Our client commitment is to provide you with:
  • Professional, efficient, solutions
  • To liaise with you at each step of your project
  • Provide competitive pricing tailored to your site requirements
ASI can help at all stages of your planning application by producing the following reports, call us for helpful and friendly advice.

Phase 1, 2, 3 and 4 Contaminated Land Reports

Phase 1 - The Phase 1 contaminated land survey is designed to give an overview of the risks of contamination to end users and the immediate environment. The report includes a walkover survey and a detailed study of the site history and current setting. The report should be submitted to the relevant Local Authority for assessment prior to any further investigations/analysis taking place on the property. Following submission, further reports/investigations may be required in order to safely develop the property.

Phase 2 - Further reporting on a site with potential problems should be in the form of a Phase 2 Site Investigation Report. Should this demonstrate that the site is not contaminated then no further works will be required. If the Phase 2 report demonstrates that the site is contaminated, further reporting and additional testing may be required by the Local Authority and possibly the Environment Agency, before the site development can progress.

Phase 3 - On completion of all  Phase 2 on-site testing works and in conjunction with confirmation of the final site layout, a Phase 3 Remediation Strategy Report should be completed to demonstrate how the site can be safely developed in respect of the end users. This will detail the methods to deal with each risk in respect of the property development.

Phase 4 - Following acceptance of the Phase 3 report by the appropriate authority, a Phase 4 Verification Report will then be required as the final report. This will be issued upon completion of the development works in order to prove that the Phase 3 recommendations have been carried out satisfactorily.

Soil & Water Analysis Reports
ASI offers comprehensive analysis and reporting for soil and water. This can be as part of a Phase 2 report or as specific testing from a single sample up to multiple samples for larger sites. Detailed reports are produced with site maps, interpretation and recommendations.

Mine Search Reports
ASI can arrange historic desktop mining reports for properties throughout the South West. Sometimes these are referred to as metalliferous reports or mine search reports. Mining reports are considered mandatory for mortgage and insurance purposes for property conveyancing in former mining districts.

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