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Ace Surfaces Ltd (Refinishing Touch)

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Mrs Jenni Kershaw
Wood Farm Barn
Norwich Road
NR13 6JW
England UK

About Ace Surfaces Ltd (Refinishing Touch)

Why The Refinishing Touch?
Resurfacing is a proven, cost effective, quick alternative to the mess and disruption of replacement of bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Performed with the right technology, materials and procedures, the results are superb. Unfortunately, not all repair and resurfacing companies are the same. Here are some of the reasons we use believe that you choose us.

Environmental Credentials
If you’re planning a complete kitchen makeover, chances are, you’ve thought about going green. Taking an eco-friendly approach when planning your new kitchen, means making important decisions based on your lifestyle, needs and budget. Refinishing Touch have invested in the latest and most environmentally friendly paint spraying equipment that allows the use of VOC free water based paints ( that provide as durable a finish as cellulose)

Limitless Colour Choices
You can have any colour you like! Our paint supplier can match any colour from any sample or colour chart. The list is endless….. We take pride in our efforts to offer the best quality and range of paints, including popular heritage and National Trust Colours, as well of those from the commercial paint ranges. All paints are highly durable and fully washable. Select your colour from the paint manufacturers website. The Sheen levels available are 10% (eggshell) 30% (satin) 80% (gloss). We will always advise what sheen is best suited for your doors.

Durability Built In
The paint we use is from specialist trade only suppliers and is extremely durable (it is used by some of the largest kitchen and cabinet manufacturers in the country. The paint is chip, scratch and stain resistant. It can be easily cleaned and will last for may years to come. We have customers who had their kitchens refurbished over 5 years ago that still look as good today.

  • Bath and Shower Tray Repairs
  • White Goods Repairs
  • Flooring Repairs
  • Worktop & Counter Repairs
  • Glass Repairs
  • Stainless Steel Repairs
  • Furniture Repairs
  • Window and Door Frame Repairs
  • Door Repairs
  • Radiator Repairs
  • Kitchen Unit and Cabinet Repairs
  • Sanitary Ware Repairs
  • Tile Repairs
  • Stone and Brickwork Repairs
Kitchen Refurbishment
Breathe new life into your kitchen, transforming it in just a few days at a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen. Having your kitchen professionally refurbished by the Refinishing Touch not only gives you an as-new look and feel to your kitchen, but also offers the opportunity for something unique. Choose the colours and finishes you want, with no manufacturer’s restrictions on your imagination.

Bathroom Refurbishment
Time for a new bathroom? Why not look at a more sustainable and less expensive alternative? Whether you are looking to revitalise your whole bathroom, or just specific fixtures and fittings, the Refinishing Touch can provide you with a cost effective, durable and sustainable solution.

Worn or out-of-date bathroom suites can be repaired and resurfaced in your home, avoiding the inevitable disruption and high cost of replacement. Using state of the art materials, the Refinishing Touch can resurface your suite in a day, so your bathroom will be fully functioning again within as little as 24 hours.

Interiors and Furniture Refurbishments
There is nothing like making an entrance and this beautifully refinished entrance certainly makes a statement. Here at the Refinishing Touch, we pride ourselves on producing high quality finishes for the furniture in every room in your home with our furniture refurbishment service. Customise your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or stand alone pieces of furniture, creating your own unique style. Your colour choice is endless!

Commercial Refurbishment
The objective of the Refinishing Touch is to save your business money, by reducing the amount of replacement furniture items you need to purchase, utilising a mix of on-site and workshop based refinishing. Our renovations are environmentally sound – all finishes are clean, non-toxic and environmentally sound, allowing for safe on-site refinishing. The Refinishing Touch can help you save up to 70% of the cost of new furniture by reusing your existing furniture.


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Ace Surfaces Ltd (Refinishing Touch) General Description

Ace Surfaces provides Kitchen and Bathroom Re-Surfacing to clients throughout Norwich and Cambridge shire. Providing a service to the public and private sector to Repair and Restore tired, outdated or simply damaged Kitchen's and Bathrooms. Save up to 70% on a Kitchen and Bathroom makeover.
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