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Grout Mixers For Sale by Groutation Ltd
Specialists in the field of pressure grouting equipment since 1975

Paddle grout mixers are straightforward, the simple pitched impeller / baffle design having been long established through trials and testing as the most effective mixing method to produce a smooth homogenous material.

The G range of mixers are suitable for use with any grout pump from our range, and are of standard tough construction, simple to use and maintain.

All units are designed for materials with 0.4:1 water: solid ratios.

G10 – Hand Operated Grout Mixer
These hand operated units are small and relatively portable, intended particularly for use where fine pressure control or limited outputs are required. The gearing on the G10 enables a smooth homogeneous grout to be produced with minimal effort.

G Range Pneumatic
Groutation Ltd
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