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Groutation Ltd

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01302 707757
Unit 50
Moss Road Industrial Estate
South Yorkshire
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08:00 am-04:30 pm

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About Groutation Ltd

Groutation Ltd. are specialists in the field of pressure grouting equipment - manufacturing grout pumps and grout mixers in-house since 1975.

Marketing an extensive range of modern grouting equipment and accessories, Groutation Ltd prides itself on the supply of quality products at reasonable prices with a reliable, high standard, advisory/back up support service.

Our specialist UK Hire Fleet offers the customer the security of fully serviced, tested and well presented equipment with dependable support. Purchased units are, of course, fully tested and technically cleared at our works prior to despatch, with a comprehensive guarantee against any manufacturing/component fault.

All units are designed to handle cementitious mixes of at least standard consistencies, with ease of operation and maintenance a priority. Construction is as robust as possible in consideration of arduous site conditions.

Here are some applications and areas of utilisation for grouting equipment:

Civil Engineering
  • Sealing and load spreading behind shaft and tunnel linings.
  • Stabilising, sealing and reducing permeability of rock strata prior to excavation and driving.
  • Infilling of voids and cavities e.g. realignment of subsiding railway bridges, old masonry walls.
  • Reinforcement of concrete bases for machinery.
  • Strengthening or reducing permeability of dam walls.
  • Maintenance of river embankments/coastal protection.
  • Construction of concrete piling foundations.
  • Bonding for strength in installation of ground anchors.
  • Ground consolidation prior to drilling, piezometer installation.
  • Infilling bore holes from geotechnical investigation.
  • Infilling and / or repair / relining old existing sewers.
  • Marine applications - underwater operations e.g. pipeline repairs.
  • Repair / refurbishment of ancient monuments, historical structures, e.g. castles, cathedrals, churches.
  • Rectification, realignment of floor slabs affected by subsidence and settlement.
  • Waterproofing of basement walls.
  • Repairs to cracked / damaged foundations.
  • Chimney lining.
  • Grouting of fissures in rock strata.
  • Void filling in relation to major fall areas.
  • Fire hazard reduction in emergency routine.
  • Grouting of shaft linings.
  • Roadway support / packing.
Grout Mixers

Paddle Type Grout Mixers
Paddle grout mixers are straightforward, the simple pitched impeller / baffle design having been long established through trials and testing as the most effective mixing method to produce a smooth homogenous material.

The G range of mixers are suitable for use with any grout pump from our range, and are of standard tough construction, simple to use and maintain.

All units are designed for materials with 0.4:1 water: solid ratios.

G10 hand operated
These hand operated units are small and relatively portable, intended particularly for use where fine pressure control or limited outputs are required. The gearing on the G10 enables a smooth homogeneous grout to be produced with minimal effort.

Grouting accessories
  • Hoses
  • Delivery hoses
  • Suction hose
  • Plain Injection pipes
Dual mixer connection
Allows two mixers to be used with one pump giving a continuous flow of grout rather than intermittent batch mixes.

Grout Pumps
Our grout pumps are of our own design, light, compact and simple to operate, offering a wide range of output capacities and pressures. Flexibility is an important feature - delivery assemblies can be readily exchanged / fitted on each basic pump unit giving a variety of specifications. All units are designed for materials with 0.4:1 water: solid ratios.

"HANDY" - Hand Operated
These hand operated units are small and relatively portable, intended particularly for use where fine pressure control or limited outputs are required, The HANDY is operated by a flexible diaphragm, which directs the flow of grout through a smaller version of our own single, delivery valve assembly.

GS Pneumatic Piston Type
The GS series grout pumps are powered by a rugged single ended pneumatic cylinder. Capacities are almost infinitely variable dependent on piston and cylinder sizes used. The piston and valve assembly on each pump can be readily exchanged for a different size (even on site) providing different output and pressure from the same basic pump unit.

GD Pneumatic Diaphragm Type
The GD400 is a high volume double diaphragm pump, manufactured from aluminium to keep weight to a minimum. The GD400 is a flap valve type pump which copes with a variety of grouts.


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Dave Creed Director 01302 708010
Lee Creed Manager 01302 708010
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Groutation Ltd
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