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Mr Andrew Holker
Red Earth Farm
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As one of the UK’s most reliable manufactures of fire shutters, roller shutters and industrial doors, SSS Industrial Doors is ready to meet the most demanding market needs. As a company, it is our aim to develop our products through vigorous recognised testing, ensuring they are fully compliant with the Construction Products Regulations and current Government legislation.

On February 8th, SSS Industrial Doors Ltd were the first company in the United Kingdom to have a fire shutter tested to BS EN 1634-1 and achieve the new standard BS EN 16034:2014.

As an industry leading manufacturer, who are an active voice within the Door & Hardware Federation (commonly referred to as ‘dhf’). We are the first manufacturer to complete the additional testing required for fire shutters which allows for the manufacturing and installation of both flexible (timber) and rigid (masonry & steel) structural types. If this is not additionally tested, then a manufacture cannot fully CE mark a fire shutter and therefore the product is non-compliant.

Based in the North West and operating from Red Earth Farm, Edgworth. SSS Industrial Doors can provide a quality service nationwide with short lead times and reliable after sales support. From sales to installation our purpose-built manufacturing facility enables a quick and streamlined production process delivering the UK’s leading security and fire products.

With a fleet of experienced engineers on the road service, maintenance and new installations are carried out professionally yet with a friendly personal approach.

Offering Trade customers customised product drawings, tailored with your own company logo and details. We are proud suppliers who are industry experts who are always happy to discuss your future projects.

Fire Shutters
Our ‘Flame Armour’ fire shutters are manufactured and designed to comply with EN 16034:2014 and were initially tested at Warrington Fire Test Facility, on 8th February 2019. Then, an additional test for flexible structure was completed on the 7th July 2020. We can manufacture, supply, or install fire shutters that offer up to four-hours fire resistance.

It is illegal to manufacture, install or supply fire shutters tested to the previous non-compliant standard BS 476 part 22 (1987).

As leading manufactures in the fire shutter market, our documentation has been approved by both WarringtonFire and the ‘dhf’. We are the only company that has independently tested an additional motor type, therefore allowing for a gravity fail-safe tubular motor option. If the power supply, either mains or battery backup is compromised then a conventional tubular motor fire shutter will not operate as intended. Our Flame Armour Fire shutter gravity fail-safe motor will still operate if the electrical supply is compromised. For more information, please contact our office.

The 'Flame Armour' Fire shutters come with easy to read product drawings, installation guide & detailed technical documentation. An ideal product for any trade customer or end-user. For a fully CE marked and industry tested fire shutter, contact our office today for a quotation.

  • CE Marked to BS EN 16034
  • Flexible Structure tested
  • Rigid Structure tested
  • Gravity fail-safe motor tested

Roller Shutters
We manufacture and supply roller shutters for a range of applications, varying from agricultural to commercial and domestic purposes. We offer high quality bespoke roller shutters doors which are designed to your specifications, made to measure with a one-year guarantee.
  • Agricultural Shutters
  • Bar & Reception Shutters
  • Industrial Roller Shutters
  • Home/Office Shutters
  • Punched & Vision Shutters
  • Schools & Education
  • Shop Front Roller Shutters
  • Non-Electrical Shutters

Insulated Roller Shutters

Improved security and insulation, SSS Industrial Doors manufacture and supply three types of insulated roller shutters, ranging from 77mm foam filled, 90mm Magroll and 100mm Twin Skin Insulated lath. We can also offer an advanced security option of installing rolling bars or rubber which reduces the chances of a potential break-in.
  • Foam Filled Steel Roller Shutters
  • Rapid Roll Fast Acting Doors
  • Sectional Overhead Doors
  • Twin Skin Insulated Roller Shutter Doors

If you require any more information regarding our products or services, please don't hesitate to contact our office.

Reviews & Testimonials for SSS INDUSTRIAL DOORS LIMITIED

5 star review
January 11, 2021
We moved to SSS Industrial doors about 6 months ago and we have not looked back. Quality products compared to our last supplier, great communication and above all else excellent customer service. Would highly recommend.
Testimonial by
Easy-Roll - Mr B. Adams
5 star review
January 06, 2021
We have been using SSS for many years now , friendly staff and great products at good prices Would strongly recommend them!
Testimonial by
Arrow - Mr Clive Orrell
5 star review
March 01, 2020
We have used SSS for our industrial, commercial and residential doors for the past 5 years - nothing is too much trouble and the attention to detail is second to none. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend!!
Testimonial by
Secure Access Solutions - Mr S. Borek
5 star review
January 01, 2020
Have used SSS on many commercial and residential properties over the last 10 years, they are always flexible, cost effective and install a quality product. The fact they manufacture their own shutters (including fire shutters) gives them the edge over competitors in my opinion as they really know their stuff about the products they are selling / installing. In the event there is a problem they are always quick to fix and never had any quibbles over having to come back to an issue, which admittedly is usually caused by the end user. For these reasons I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a quality product from a reputable company at a seriously competitive price. Thanks SSS !
Testimonial by
Eric Wright Construction Ltd - Mr P. Speakman
5 star review
November 01, 2019
RF Doors Ltd have been doing business with SSS Industrial Doors Ltd for many years. They are always super helpful. I Would highly recommend!
Testimonial by
RF Doors Ltd - Mr R. Fountain
SSS INDUSTRIAL DOORS LIMITIED. 5 out of 5 based on 5 ratings.



As of the 1st November 2019, the previous fire shutter standard BS 476 part 22 (1987) is non-compliant and must not be supplied, installed, or manufactured within the EU27 or UK marketplace.

SSS Industrial Doors Ltd were one of the first companies to test a fire shutter to the new regulations and standards, the project was initially started back in 2017. On 8th February 2019, the Flame Armour fire shutter surpassed the four-hour furnace test to BS EN 1634-1 and achieved an integrity rating of E240. The first fire shutter test was conducted on a ‘rigid’ structure and therefore under BS EN 15269-10 allowed SSS Industrial Doors Ltd to manufacture, supply and install fire shutters fixed to masonry and steel structures.

For fire shutters to be manufactured, supplied, and installed to a ‘flexible’ structural type it was necessary an additional test data to be ascertained. Failure to provide additional test data for different structural types means the fire shutter is a non-compliant product and cannot be CE marked or UKCA marked as a result.

Many fire shutter manufacturers are neglecting to mention this additional requirement which is stated in the standard and are therefore producing non-compliant products. A manufacturer will be able to provide two Extend Application Reports which state both ‘flexible’ and ‘rigid’ test data from a notified body, such as WarringtonFire. SSS Industrial Doors Ltd acknowledge that further testing was required to ensure that the fire shutters were fully compliant to the new regulations and therefore tested the original specimen to a flexible structure on 7th July 2020. After achieving a E90 integrity rating, WarringtonFire were able to update the current Extend Application Report and certification so that it is possible for SSS Industrial Doors Ltd to supply full certified fire shutters.

As of the 8th December 2020, there are only two companies which are publicly known to hold certification data for both structural types. That is A1 Group and ourselves, SSS industrial Doors Ltd. This is a serious problem as contractors, construction companies and other roller shutter companies are being sold fire shutters which are CE marked to BS EN 16034, however they are still illegal and non-compliant due to not having the correct additional test data which is a legal necessity.

Some manufactures are failing to inform their customer about the additional test data which is a legal requirement, ultimately leaving the building contractor or construction company liable if damages were to incur.

SSS Industrial Doors Ltd have highlighted the potential dangers of misconceptions occurring as from a customer’s perspective they would not know about the additional test data which is legally required. Therefore, this has been brought to the attention of the ‘dhf’ and WarringtonFire Certification Ltd. We believe that it is the manufacturers moral right to notify a customer if the fire shutter is non-compliant with a particular structural type and therefore withdraw it from the marketplace. However, manufactures failing to acknowledge that their products are illegal or non-compliant are still liable regardless.

SSS Industrial Doors Ltd believe that the tested structural type should be provided on both the certification itself and mentioned on the Declaration of Performance (D.O.P). However, unless BS EN 16034:2014 standard is altered accordingly, then the duty of care comes down to the manufacturer, contractor and construction company.

For more information regarding fire shutter legislation, either refer to the standards BS EN 16034:2014 and BS EN 15269-10. Or, alternatively contact our office directly on 01204 853 243.

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