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Barrie Jones
Matthew Lane
HooFarm Industrial Estate
DY11 7RA

About B A J System Design Ltd

Fire Escapes and Access Ladders

Folding Escape Ladder
Designed as a Fire Escape Ladder, the ‘Commercial Folding Ladder’, or Jomy, provides a secure fire-escape ladder that can also be used as a means of access for maintenance personnel.

These ladders are quite small when closed: all that can be seen is a 100 mm column comparable to a square drainpipe. They can be coated in a wide variety of colours to blend in with the building décor. They are ideal for historic buildings, where more obtrusive ladders would not be appropriate.

Manufactured from aluminium, stainless steel and nylon, extreme weather conditions pose no operational problems.

Escape Ladder or Access Ladder - Mini
A Domestic Fire Escape Ladder, the Mini-Jomy, or Artalu, is narrower, lighter, has no guard rail and uses a basic catch system to open and lock the ladder. In other respects, this ladder follows the same structural concepts and manufacturing quality as its larger relative the Jomy Ladder.

The mobile elements are counterbalanced with stainless steel springs to enable effortless closing, regardless of ladder height. The ladder can be locked at ground level for access only applications.

Cat Ladders
Cat Ladders, or Caged Ladders, come in a variety of forms. We manufacture bespoke systems for access and escape. Where necessary, we do install, but this is not a primary function, and we believe it is normally more efficient for a local company to provide this service.

Hatch with Telescopic Ladder
These Escape Hatches are designed to allow easy escape from one floor to the floor below either for internal rooms or between balconies or where other escape systems cannot be used. The upper and lower doors are linked together to enable an operator to see below before activating the drop-down ladder.

Hatch units are manufactured from stainless steel and are fitted with a crank handle for rewinding the ladder after use, and also have a mechanical alarm bell to warn when the door is opened. They are NOT Loft Ladders.

Rope Descent
Rope Escape System for Emergency Escape. Ease and simplicity of operation, anyone can use it. Single-person operated, no assistance required. In an emergency evacuation the speed regulator is attached to the support structure and the safety harness secured around the upper body. The operator can then quickly lower themselves to the ground (at about 1 metre per second) without the assistance of others, regardless of weather conditions.

The speed regulator eliminates the danger of a hard landing. People of all ages and weight descend about the same speed without serious landing shocks. The elderly, disabled, and children can all confidently use this system, though of course where there are mobility issues assistance may be required.

Loft Ladders:
  • Timber Sliding Loft Ladder
  • Concertina Ladder
  • Folding Steel Ladder for Heavy Duty Applications
  • Timber Folding Loft Ladder
  • Sliding Loft Ladder in Aluminium
  • Spring Counterbalanced Aluminium Loft Ladder
Our balconies are constructed from special anodised aluminium sections for a maintenance-free lifetime. Patented extrusions provide exceptional strength with low weight, and will support more than 500 kgs per square metre. Requires no through bolting or special floor blocking (subject to wall quality).


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