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Humidity Solutions Ltd

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Alice Barker
1140a Axis Centre
Cleeve Road

About Humidity Solutions Ltd

Humidity Solutions is the UK’s only independent specialist in humidity control, offering a range of humidifiers and dehumidifiers from some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Correct humidity levels have a significant influence on your general health and wellbeing. Humidity is also crucial to the efficiency of many industrial and commercial processes such as manufacturing, data management, medical research and packaging, and can be critical in the storage, display and protection of many goods - from food and paper products to priceless musical instruments, furniture and artwork.

You can rely on our highly experienced and knowledgeable team of engineers, who can design a bespoke solution for each unique application. We can supply, install and maintain the equipment throughout its life. This end-to-end solution, therefore, offers unbiased advice, streamlining the process and helping customers to protect their greatest assets: be that people or equipment – or both.

Products & Services:
  • Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers
    We supply a full range of adiabatic and steam humidifiers, and refrigerant or desiccant dehumidifiers. Our team will be able to discuss your individual requirements to recommend the most suitable make and model for you.

  • Indoor Air Quality - Air Purification
    We supply fantastic range of air purifiers, using medical grade Hepa filters and handling air volumes from 250m3 up to 2000 m3 per hour. 99.99% effective in removing viruses, bacteria, chemical vapours, odours and pollen and ideal as businesses get back to work and hotels, gyms, salons and hospitality all re-open their doors.

  • Site Surveys
    A site survey that clearly identifies your humidity-control requirements ensures the right equipment and methods of implementation are recommended.

  • Commissioning
    A professional installation with minimal disruption to your business, ensuring your new system is delivered on time, on budget and meets specification. Our engineers project managers, installation and commissioning engineers have extensive knowledge and experience of your equipment and application, and will work with you throughout the process.

  • Planned Maintenance
    Providing stable and consistent conditions for modern manufacturing production systems, human comfort and staff wellbeing. Production speeds are maximised and downtime minimised, helping you deliver increased productivity and profit.

  • Remote Monitoring
    Monitoring and recording your humidifier operation delivers valuable real time and historical data enabling you validate your conditions continuously. Alarms are responded to instantly and remote diagnostics help reduce to a minimum, allowing you to maintain productivity and performance.

  • Service Call Outs
    Maintaining the condition and serviceability of your humidifier will provide reliable operation and reduce the risk of breakdown, disruption to your business and avoidable, costly repairs.

  • Next-Day Spares
    Sound technical advice and quick delivery helps keep your equipment operational. Our spares team will help identify exactly what you need, and arrange for delivery where and when you need it.

For more information, please contact us!

Reviews & Testimonials for Humidity Solutions Ltd

5 star review
September 01, 2019
“We are very pleased with the first-class service we have received from Humidity Solutions.  Many thanks for all your support in providing us with an excellent humidity control setup.”
Testimonial by
AB – Classic Car Collector, Alfaholics
5 star review
August 28, 2019
“The couplings have arrived already – absolutely exemplary service, and a superb solution. I have completed the job this morning and am just ready to fire up the machine ready for the car coming back Friday. Thank you so much for all the help that Humidity Solutions has given me. I was with a long-time friend who has an absolutely unique car yesterday, and he was complaining that his dehumidifiers are not up to the job, so I am going to pass on all your company details and the product brochures that I have and see if I can persuade him that this is his solution! Also, I have many contacts in the Aston Martin Owners Club, so I will cast around amongst them as well on your behalf.
I will send you some images and a few words in the next few weeks.
Testimonial by
DW - Aston Martin owner
5 star review
August 13, 2019
“We are very pleased with the quality of the system and support we received from Humidity Solutions. It has had a significant impact on our production processes with curing time reduced from three days to just 24 hours.”
Testimonial by
SH - Uniroyal
5 star review
July 25, 2019
“Humidity Solutions took the time to fully understand our requirements and propose the best solution – delivering the equipment within a few days. We are very pleased with the system and the service we received.”
Testimonial by
JM - Chiltern Charcuterie
5 star review
June 07, 2019
Since the install, Hot Yoga Coventry has gone from strength to strength and with the “Vesuvius” installed we have been able to offer a first class “Hot Yoga” experience to our clients/students.
Testimonial by
IP - Hot Yoga Coventry
5 star review
May 01, 2019
Very positive customer feedback, and turnover is starting to build from initial ‘intro’ offers.
We would like to set up service contract and monthly S/O.
Can somebody contact us/set this up?

We already are thinking about a second studio, can see the demand and have learnt a lot from opening this one.
Testimonial by
GL - Newport hot yoga
5 star review
March 21, 2019
Oxford University has a well-established relationship with Humidity Solutions and the company has provided humidity control for a number of our buildings, including the Paper Conservation Laboratory and the Chinese Picture Store at the Ashmolean Museum, The Sackler and Weston Libraries, both part of the Bodleian Library.
We have always been impressed by the application knowledge of Humidity Solutions staff, which enables them to work within the criteria dictated by each unique building, to create exactly the right environment for each situation.  The installation process and ongoing maintenance and service of the equipment is also dealt with professionally, and I would highly recommend this company.
Testimonial by
MD - Estates Office, Oxford University
5 star review
January 15, 2019
At Inca UK, we specialise in sauna and steam solutions and rely on the quality and integrity of our suppliers for the components we cannot manufacture ourselves. Finding Humidity Solutions has been great for us for the supply of our steam generators and humidification units as they have very quick lead times, with most of their products being stock items and the reliability of their products is fantastic, working across a wide range of water conductivities and varying influencing factors that would have compromised the efficiency of some of their competitors’ products. The staff are always incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and eager to please with a very ‘can do’ attitude – it’s so refreshing to deal with in this day and age!”
Testimonial by
ES - INCA Sauna and Steam specialists
Humidity Solutions Ltd. 5 out of 5 based on 8 ratings.



Products & Services

High pressure water system

Steam humidifiers

Evaporative cooling

Adiabatic humidification


Steam generator

Indoor air quality

Reverse Osmosis




Building dryers

Commercial humidifier

Industrial humidifier

Steam humidifier

Desiccant dehumidifier

Evaporative cooling


Refrigerant dehumidification


Desiccant dehumidification


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