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Climatize (UK) Ltd

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01904 630414
Mr Byron Ward
Unit 1 The Garth
North Yorkshire
Yorkshire & The Humber

About Climatize (UK) Ltd

It is vital to maintain your equipment to increase the life and efficiency of it, exactly as you would with a car. Climatize UK can provide you with a no-obligation quote for one of our maintenance agreements.

We design, install, maintain, repair and commission all types of air conditioning systems for the environment you are in.

Climatize UK employs only the uppermost professional engineers to ensure the finished product is to the highest standard. Our competitive pricing and flexible terms ensure peace of mind to your investment.

Air Conditioning
Gone are the days of cooling only air conditioning systems - modern systems are fully adjustable to the building’s needs. Instead of a boiler controlling the heating, an air conditioning system can heat the building.

For example, based on Energy Performance Certificates by HM Government, where A+ is a zero level of CO2 emissions and most energy efficient:
  • Air conditioning has an energy efficiency level of 72, Grade C

  • Natural gas has an energy efficiency level of 86, Grade D

  • Grid supplied electricity has an energy efficiency level of 152, Grade G

We offer a service that is reliable, efficient and safe backed with our extensive knowledge of the full range of gas related products. Specialising in the design and installation of heating systems, our service covers all aspects of gas maintenance and repair including:
  • Annual servicing

  • Landlord safety checks

  • Breakdown and fault diagnosis

  • Home buyers safety certificates

  • Renewable energy installation

  • Products and services

  • Boiler services and maintenance

  • Gas safety certificates

  • Heating Services

Refrigeration is essential for food preservation both at home and at work. Refrigeration slow bacteria to a crawl to prevent spoiling whilst freezing stops bacteria action completely. Whatever your refrigeration needs, Climatize UK offers a full scope of work to all refrigeration requirements including:
  • Blast chillers

  • Walk in fridges

  • Ice Boxes

  • Freezers

  • Chest counters

  • Wine coolers

  • Dual temp units

  • Salad preparation units

As air is invisible, there is a tendency to take the quality for granted. Moreover, given that the average person has an air intake of about 3.4 litres of air every minute, the dangers of inadequate or polluted air supply are obvious. This, coupled with our rapidly changing environment, and the expectations of clients, building occupiers and legislators, has resulted in stringent requirements for ventilation system cleanliness.

Heat pumps
Heat pumps tap into the freely available, inexhaustible solar energy stored in the earth and ambient air and convert it into energy which can then be used to provide all year round heating and hot water with the same convenience and reliability as conventional heating systems. In addition, our heat pumps have been shown to reduce energy costs by up to 50%. The only running cost with heat pumps is the electricity needed to power the heat pump compressor. Further significant savings can be achieved by setting the heat pump to operate during off-peak periods, making use of cheaper electricity.

Electricity is an extremely flexible form of energy and has been adapted to a huge, and growing, number of uses. It’s hard to imagine life without electricity. Computers, the internet and email, for example, have produced a massive boost in business economy and allowed for the growth of all kinds of companies. It is important to make sure your appliances are PAT tested annually within the business environment, and our service covers:
  • Lighting

  • Appliances

  • Power supply

  • Computing

  • Re-wiring

  • Power distribution

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