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Cirrus Systems Ltd

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01202 893844
Chris Cherrington
15 Haviland Road
BH21 7RZ
England UK
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About Cirrus Systems Ltd

Eco-Friendly Paint Strippers and Coatings
Cirrus Systems Ltd are suppliers of safe, effective and eco-friendly solutions for removing industrial and domestic paints, varnish, lacquers, powder and other coatings. Where possible our paint stripper, coatings removers contain none of the dangerous chemicals found in conventional, hazardous paint strippers such as methylene chloride.

We are exciting to provide Ecostrip 600 which is a UK manufactured paint remover. It is far more effective and efficient than the previous products we provided and is user and environmentally friendly. Ecostrip 600 is non-toxic and biodegradable. The product contains aromatic alcohols, citrus terpenes, amines and was odour retardants. We are pleased to say that Ecostrip 600 has very low VOC emissions, non ozone depletant. The Ecostrip 600 successfully lifts a variety of coatings from wood, masonry, brick and steel (it has no UN number for transport). Ecostrip 600 paint remover can be applied with brush, rolled on or sprayed on.

The products are 100% biodegradable. 5 and 25 litre containers available. Larger volumes available by special order.

In addition the product above we sell the Ecostrip 500 range which was originally formulated to remove powder coating from metal substrates in a dip tank environment. It is user and environmentally friendly. It is available in a dip tank or GEL form. It is non-toxic and biodegradable (for removal of rust, powder coatings and paint from wood, steel, aluminium, fibre glass and most plastics using either dip tank or brush applications). The Ecostrip 500 GEL for removal of coatings from slate and other surfaces.

Cirrus Systems Limited also sells the following products:

3M Cubitron™ Fibre Disc product range available. The 982C for carbon steel and the 987C for stainless steel are made with revolutionary 3M precision-shaped ceramic grain technology, engineered with ultra-sharp, fast-cutting points that wear evenly, run cool and optimise mineral breakdown to maximise disc life.




SPC 201L (20 litre drums) - Gel-type coating remover for graffiti and thin coatings on wood, concrete and metallic structures. The product works from 15 - 40 degrees centigrade and can be applied by spray or brush application.

SPC 202N (20 litre drums) – Gel-type coating remover for metallic structures. This product is especially suited to the refurbishment of metallic structures.  This product is even efficient at low temperatures.

SPC 203N (20 litre drums) - High performace gel-type coatings remover. This product works on most coating forumlations.  It is a benzyl alcohol based product with hydrogen peroxide activation. 
Ecostrip 600 - limited stocks at further reduced price

Ecostrip 600 removes coatings from Wood, Masonry, Brick and Steel.

We have a limited stock of 5 litre tubs and 25 litre drums with a shelf-life ending 31 October 2019. The product is UK manufactured.

Ecostrip 600 paint remover has also been incredibly successful in removing powder coating from steel within 3 hours and is an excellent option where dip tank processes are not suitable.

Available for order from our webshop or by telephone.

The product is ready for dispatch by standard carrier (No UN number for transporation).
Dip Tank Paint Remover in stock

Ecostrip 500 (dip tank product) is a clear, eco-friendly liquid paint remover designed for dip tank use. Virtually odour-free, it does not give off any toxic or unpleasant fumes. A water jacket is therefore not required on the dip tank, making life much simpler. Ecostrip 500 represents a significant advance in health & safety with chemical strippers.

Use at room temperature. For accelerated results, the Ecostrip 500 can be heated to 35 deg C or used in ultrasonic baths. Ideal for removing multiple layers of paint or powder coating from hooks, panels, components etc.

Not suitable for alloy wheels (may react with impurities in the metal).

The product has to be delivered by HAZMAT carrier which is not a next day service.
Products & Services

Socostrip A0103N - Aviation Paint Remover

Socostrip A0105N - Aviation Paint Remover

Ecostrip 500 powder coating remover - dip tank

Ecostrip 600 Paint Remover - brush on, roll on or spray on

Cirrus Systems Ltd General Description

Masonry paint stripper, interior chemical paint strippers, paint stripper for plaster, industrial paint stripper, Perago Rotating Blaster discs, aviation paint remover, aerospace paint remover, socostrip a0103n
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