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01707 665554
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39 Borough Way
Potters Bar

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Detek Systems Ltd

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Who needs water detection?
Computer Rooms, Telecommunications and Office areas
In our ever-growing world of technological advancement, we all become increasingly dependent on the reliability and performance of control systems. Many of the main cable 'highways' of these systems, are hidden beneath false floors where they are only very occasionally seen, so flood water beneath raised floors goes unnoticed until it's too late. It's far cheaper and more effective to have an early warning alarm system to protect you against water damage, than to count the cost when your systems go down.

Electrical, Plant and Tank areas
Due to the unmanned nature of plant areas, the failure of a simple pump or valve can prove to be devastating. Alongside pumps and tanks, will often be electrical distribution cabinets, potentially a lethal combination should large amounts of water be allowed to build up.

Valuables, Antiques and Artefacts
Our museums contain irreplaceable items, and since only around 5% of our museums' possessions are actually on display, the rest is stored in basements, cellars and attics where water ingress would be catastrophic. Old or even new roofs can of course be a main point of water entry as can rises in water table levels.

Other Areas
In general, wherever the presence of water could be a potential problem to people, equipment, perishable stock, data/information archives and record stores, hospital theatres. and so on. We also supply sensors for the detection of non-conductive fluids such as Diesel/Oil.

Detek Systems Ltd ImageDetek Systems Ltd Image
Detek Systems Ltd ImageDetek Systems Ltd Image

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