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Andrew Goddard
Avon House
82 Wellington Street

About Andrew Goddard Associates Ltd

Client CDM Advisors
Andrew Goddard Associates Ltd are leading consultants in advising Clients and Principal Designers on their duties regarding the CDM Regulations 2015. Since the changes to the regulations, there is a much greater imperative for clients to address any health and safety concerns and issues within their projects. The CDM 2015 regulatory changes increase the client's accountability for the impact their decisions have on any health, safety and welfare issues within the project. As CDM Advisors, we can help you ensure that you are exceeding the regulatory requirements while adding real value to your project.

Now offering services as Client CDM Advisors under the CDM Regulations 2015 we have been offering similar services for many years. Andrew Goddard Associates Ltd have been involved in CDM as CDM Advisors and Planning Supervisors under the CDM Regulations (CDM Regs) 1994 and as CDM Co-ordinators under CDM 2007.

Established in July 2000, Andrew Goddard Associates Ltd have become synonymous with quality, expertise and reliability on all scales of projects. Our CDM consultants continue to advise with an emphasis on delivering a high calibre service by using the latest techniques for design risk management. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions and up-to-the-minute legislative advice while adhering to the CDM Regs 2015.

Health and Safety Consultants
On projects where the Client and Principal Designer feel that they are lacking in the skills, knowledge and experience to carry out their duties as per the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, they can seek assistance to carry out the roles effectively from Health and Safety Consultants. Andrew Goddard Associates Ltd can offer this service as Client and Principal Designer Advisor.

As part of our service, our Health and Safety Consultants will:
  • Ensure all parties have a clear understanding of their duties through constant communication and consultations
  • Ensure that adequate arrangements are in place for managing the project.
  • Collect any surveys and reports required to pre-empt hazards associated with the works.
  • Prepare the Pre-Construction Information Document
  • Assess the suitability of the Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan or prepare one
  • Co-ordinate the preparation of the Health and Safety File and collate information from Designers and Contractors
  • Carry out site inspections to assess the safe working practices throughout the duration of the project.
  • Identify with the design team any foreseeable hazards which might affect the health, safety and welfare of those involved in the project.
Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan
The construction phase health and safety plan is a document that records how health and safety will be managed for the construction phase of a project. It is the basis for communicating to all those involved in the construction phase of the project, so it should be easy to understand and as simple as possible. After much consultation with site managers across our ongoing projects, we offer a service to assist Principal Contractors in producing Construction Site Audits and phase plans and health safety management systems.

Construction Site Inspections
inspections by independent competent health and safety professionals are now considered an essential part of health and safety arrangements. The AGA construction site inspections provide reassurance and peace of mind to the clients to ensure that work on their projects is being carried out in accordance with legal and best practice requirements. They are also an opportunity for Principal Contractors and Contractors to demonstrate that safe systems of work and good health and safety standards are being implemented on their sites.

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