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John Buckley
5 Sunmead Walk
Cherry Hinton
England UK
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About MDHS Asbestos Consultants Ltd

MDHS Asbestos Consultants Ltd are a Cambridge based asbestos consultancy firm providing both asbestos surveys and removal across the whole of the UK.

At MDHS Asbestos Consultants Ltd, our experienced asbestos consultants and surveyors advise on all aspects of asbestos surveys, removal, monitoring and training as well as undertaking inspections of commercial or residential properties. We then provide you with a detailed, unbiased report that includes test results on suspect materials and guidance on the next steps to take.

If you have had a report carried out by another company and are unsure of where to turn to next – we can also help. MDHS’s services also cover regular checking and monitoring of sites, whatever the age of the asbestos, to advise of the risks and the necessity for removal or not.

Health & Safety Consultancy
We provide Health & Safety Consultancy solutions for both small and larger businesses. For smaller clients we deliver a dedicated health & safety resource and technical competence at an affordable price. For larger businesses which already have a system in place, we check that it works and meets legal requirements.

MDHS Asbestos Consultants are here to help you manage workplace risk to assist in being compliant with Health & Safety Regulations. Having a well thought-out health and safety policy and procedures is a key element in maintaining a safe working environment.

Asbestos Surveying
As set out by the HSG264 there are only two asbestos surveys to be considered, a Management Survey and Refurbishment & Demolition Survey although you can have a mixture of the two. Here at MDHS Asbestos Consultants Ltd, we have separated the types out further so the titles are specific to the type of property or aim of the survey.

  • Locate asbestos
  • Quantify how much asbestos is present
  • Ascertain its condition
  • Identify its type through lab testing

In 1999, the UK Government banned the import, supply and use of all forms of materials containing asbestos. It remains a legal requirement to have surveyed any commercial property built before this time for traces of asbestos. At MDHS, our Asbestos Surveys provide an independent service to determine whether your building is safe, and what needs to be done in the event asbestos is located.

Asbestos Surveys For Mortgage Lenders – Pre-Purchase
This type of survey is for exactly as the title indicates, for anyone purchasing a property. It became quite clear to us early on that this was a much needed type of survey for homebuyers. With more and more Chartered Surveyors highlighting potential asbestos containing materials within their reports it was key that we produced a report that covers these areas and looks for further materials. This asbestos survey is a non-intrusive survey therefore no damage is caused to the property.

Asbestos Consultancy
Our experienced asbestos surveyors are trained to the highest industry standards, guaranteeing you the efficient and accurate asbestos surveys that your home or business property deserves.

Whether you own a residential property or larger, multi-site business premises, our services will enable you to budget for any future outlays while fulfilling your duties to your staff and any external contractors working for you.

Our asbestos consultancy services include:

  • Advice on the required asbestos survey, management systems and plans.
  • The most efficient and cost effective methods to manage the asbestos within the submitted Survey Report.
  • Guidance on how to put into place control measures as well as implementing asbestos removal procedures.
  • Plans of works and specifications on your behalf as part of a tender process, should asbestos need to be removed from your premises.
  • An evaluation of any contractor’s tenders and Method Statements.

Asbestos Management
Our asbestos surveyors at MDHS Asbestos Consultants Ltd are able to tailor asbestos management plans and procedures to your business’ own specifications in order to comply with current regulations.

Asbestos Sampling
This type of survey is used when the client specifically knows where the sample or samples need to be taken; this is not a full survey. This type of survey is limited to the specific areas given by the client. The samples are gathered and sent off to a UKAS Accredited Laboratory for analysing, once these have been received and analysed the results and certificate are sent to the client telling them whether it does or does not contain asbestos and what type of asbestos containing material it is.

Asbestos Training Courses
All the Asbestos Training courses we deliver for our clients meet the training requirements of the Control of Asbestos Regulation (CAR) 2012, Regulation 10.

Courses can be held on-site at your company premises or at an external venue for larger numbers of delegates.



Asbestos in Westminster prompts major MP decant

The Joint Committee on the Palace of Westminster have issued a report to decide the safest and cost-effective way to renovate the buildings; and has recommended that MPs and Lords decamp – even though it means parliament sitting in temporary accommodation for at least 6 years.

Asbestos in Westminster prompts major MP decant

The true scale of asbestos in the Palace of Westminster is so vast that MPs are in danger of inhaling the lethal substance, according to the report which also states that parliament is so ‘riddled with asbestos’ that the dangerous building material can be found in almost every shaft holding the palace upright. The move would be the first time MPs have left the chamber since bombing took place during the second world war.

The prevalence of asbestos has added “greatly to the complexity, cost and timetable” of the works and helped to persuade the group that politicians must be moved out for six years while the renovation takes place.

The committee said that it was unable to issue a new figure for how much the works might cost, and repeated estimates from 2014 of between £3.5 billion and £4 billion. Baroness Stowell of Beeston, who co-chaired the committee, said that an appropriate authority should be set up immediately to set a budget to be presented to both houses of parliament.
The report focuses on the issue of asbestos, which “is believed to be in almost every vertical riser, as well as in many plant rooms, corridors and underfloor voids”.

“One example of the danger posed by asbestos was brought home in 2015 when it was thought that asbestos fibres might have been present in the air provided to the House of Commons chamber,”

the report reads.

“During upgrade work on one of the air ducts which supplies air to the chamber, a small section of duct was removed and asbestos dust was found to be present within it.”

Although tests later showed the risk to MPs was negligible in that instance, the report warns:

“If the results were different next time and asbestos fibres were found to have contaminated air ducts, it is easy to see how one of the chambers, committee rooms or other essential offices might have to be closed down immediately and could be out of action for a significant period of time.”

very year, more than 2,500 people die in the UK from mesothelioma, with a similar number estimated to die from asbestos-related lung cancer and asbestosis. Asbestos is responsible for 3 times as many deaths as road traffic accidents each year. Asbestos is present in various different forms; and as a result of this, it can be found in factories, homes, schools, shops, hospitals, offices, restaurants etc.

If need assistance contact us on or 07411142946
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