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01772 703114
Higgins Lane
Longridge Road
L40 8JS

About Vibro Menard

Vibro Menard is a design and build specialist geotechnical contractor offering expertise on ground improvement for sites with poor soil.

We combine value engineering and innovative techniques to deliver practical, sustainable solutions that can be attractive alternatives to deep (pile) foundations. Solutions that are faster, less expensive and less complicated.

The scope of Vibro Menard includes a large number of Ground Improvement Techniques:
  • Vibro Stone Columns
  • Vibro Concrete Columns
  • Vibro Compaction
  • Dynamic Compaction
  • Dynamic Replacement
  • Wick Drains
  • Controlled Modulus Columns (CMC)
  • Vacuum Consolidation
Typical projects include:
  • Residential Housing
  • Industrial and Commercial Buildings
  • Marine and Port Facilities
  • Civil Engineering Structures
  • Road & Rail Embankments
  • Embankment Support
  • Stone Columns
    Vibro Stone Columns are designed to improve the load-bearing capacity of insitu soils and fills and to reduce differential settlements of non-homogeneous and compressible soils, allowing the use of shallow footings and thinner base slabs.

  • Vibro Compaction
    A loose soil or non-homogeneous granular fill can be compacted to depth by the penetration of vibrating probes or vibroflots. The main purpose of Vibrocompaction is to increase the density of the insitu soils by vibration.

  • Bi-Modulus Columns
    Bi-Modulus Columns are vertical ground improvement elements composed of a Rigid Inclusion/Column, topped with a compacted granular material. The upper granular part improves the load transfer and stress distribution from the structure or building to the rigid inclusion.

  • Dynamic Compaction
    Dynamic Compaction is used to achieve deep ground densification for building foundations, or road and rail embankment foundations, on loose materials. This technique uses the dynamic effect of high-energy impacts, caused by dropping large steel weight weighing 15 to 40 tonnes from a height of 10-30 metres.

  • Dynamic Replacement
    Dynamic Replacement is an extension of Dynamic Compaction to highly compressible, organic and weak soils. In this application, the tamping energy drives granular fill material down into the compressible soils to form a large diameter soil reinforcement column, with a diameter of 2-3.5m. Columns are formed by placing a blanket of granular fill material over the area to be improved, and then driven into the soil below by repeated tamping.

  • Vertical Drains
    Vertical Drains, also known as Wick Drains or Band Drains, are used to accelerate the consolidation of embankments built of fine grain soils. This is normally to expedite construction and limit long-term settlement.

  • Controlled Modulus Columns
    Controlled Modulus Columns (CMCs) provide significant advantages over traditional piled foundations. The process developed by Menard in France over 25 years ago is now routinely being used in the UK by many clients as a replacement for precast piles and small diameter rotary bored piles.

  • Vacuum Consolidation
    The Menard Vacuum Consolidation method is an atmospheric consolidation system used for preloading soft saturated fine grained soils such as clays, silts or peat.

  • Vibro Concrete Columns
    Vibro Concrete Columns, also known as VCCs, are a quick, simple, cost-effective foundation solution for soft soils, and offer a good alternative to piling.


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