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Unit B Rochdale Central Industrial Estate
Norman Road
OL11 4HS
England Uk
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08:30 am-05:00 pm
08:30 am-05:00 pm

08:30 am-05:00 pm

08:30 am-05:00 pm

08:30 am-05:00 pm

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About Multiwal UK LTD

Multiwal makes it possible to work efficiently in every space in which flexibility and stylishness are combined. Due to the great flexibility of Multiwal moveable walls, glass walls or folding partitions it is possible to satisfy almost every need. Colours, sound insulation and customer-friendliness with the Multi Electric system are important factors.

Multiwal has in-house design and production facilities in The Netherlands and Germany. Permanent control and implementation of advanced technologies is innate to Multiwal walls.


Multiwal, everything combined
Multiwal has in-house design and production facilities in The Netherlands and Germany. Multiwal produces all of its products with custom-made components, so you can always count on high quality.

Quality guaranteed
With decades of experience and an extensive design and service department, Multiwal ticks all the right boxes as a leading European manufacturer.

Because Multiwal provides customised solutions, it is always better if our advisers become involved in your project as early as possible in the planning phase. In that way, we can jointly arrive at intelligent solutions for the most flexible arrangement of your space.

Multiwal products make it possible to work efficiently in every space in which flexibility and stylishness are combined. Whether it involves great heights, different levels in ceilings and floors or unusually shaped spaces, the great flexibility of Multiwal moveable walls makes it possible to satisfy almost every need. Colours, sound insulation, fire safety and customer-friendliness with the Multi Electric system are important factors.

There are many words and phrases used to describe our extensive product range, for example: movable walls, moveable walls, operable walls, operable partitions, acoustic partitions, acoustic walls, mobile walls, operable wall manufacturers, sliding folding partitions, folding walls, folding screens, folding partitions, sliding partitions, sliding screens, room dividers, glass walls, glass partitions, dividers, concertina, acoustic screens, screens, walls and you will find them all with Multiwal.


Moveable Walls
Multiwal offers you the complete solution in your design concerning the space configuration. Our moveable walls can be combined beautifully with our glass walls. Your creative solutions for a moveable wall with a high sound insulation can also be provided by the type Commandoor glass wall.

Glass Walls
Transparency or safety? This is the dilemma facing many businesses. With the emergence of the 24/7 economy, more and more buildings are open to the public, even outside normal office hours. Banks, display windows or shop spaces that are visible after closing time help cut down vandalism and crime. With glass panel walls from Multiwal, you divide your space without restricting your view. That gives you the greatest possible design freedom.

Multiwal makes mobile glass panel walls in three designs: View, Look and Sight. Each of these designs provides you with extensive options for arranging your space. And a combination of the four designs is also possible. The walls do not draw attention to themselves; in fact, they are very inconspicuous.

Folding Partitions
Rearrange your space in minimum time. That's possible with Haro folding partitions from Multiwal. For more than 60 years, Multiwal Haro folding partitions have been making it easy and cost-effective to use space flexibly. In exactly the way you want it.

Multiwal Haro folding partitions are distinguished by their stability and ease of use. And they can provide not only the perfect visual division but also excellent soundproofing. That means that Haro folding partitions from Multiwal can be used practically anywhere - in both commercial and residential buildings. Multiwal is Europe's largest producer of Haro folding partitions, with satisfied customers all over the world.

Multi Design
The space in which we work defines the effectiveness of our thoughts and actions. Colour is a determining factor in the atmosphere and thus the mood of a space. That is why Multiwal supplies walls in a large variety of colours and finishes, so the mood of your working environment contributes to an optimal performance. Another dimension is now added. Multi Design Transforms the walls into actual works of art, with pictures and paintings of noted artists or with your own design. The wall is no longer just a partition to seal off a space; it becomes a design feature and focus of imagination.



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