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Matthew Rolph/Charlotte Sutton
Regen House,
Beaumont Road
OX16 1RH
England UK

About Graf UK Ltd

Graf UK Ltd was formed following the acquisition of SCP Water Management Ltd by Graf GmbH, the European market leaders in rainwater harvesting. SCP originally started business in September 2007 as a specialist supplier of rainwater harvesting systems in this growing market throughout the UK.

Over the years as our knowledge and experience of rainwater harvesting has grown, we have added to our business in order to provide a full package of design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance for all customers, from one-off private builds and extensions, to multiple-plot developments for housing associations. We also added product groups and other specialist areas which now include stormwater management, wastewater treatment and above ground garden tanks and containers.

As Graf UK Ltd we now have the added experience of our German colleagues who manufacturer products across the world, including Germany, France and Austrailia. Graf UK will continue to build on the success of the Graf Group of Companies and provide a high level of service, with exceptional product quality to our customers in the UK and Ireland.

Rainwater Harvesting
We carry out tank size calculations to determine how big your rainwater harvesting system needs to be. In order to do this, we need to know your roof collection area, the geographic location of your property/building and your requirements for what you’re going to use the water for, e.g. WCs, washing machine, external use. A drainage layout drawing is also useful so we can see the distances between the tank and the property and a position to locate pumps and controls etc.

We will provide a proposal for the tank size and filter requirements, as well as the pump/control unit based around your specific requirements. We provide this design service for both domestic and commercial buildings and projects, regardless of whether it is 1 house or 1000. We’re able to use the benefit of our 8+ years’ experience of installing, maintaining and servicing rainwater harvesting systems, to ensure that the most suitable system is proposed for your project.

Wastewater Treatment
Our wastewater treatment product range spans everything from cesspools to septic tanks to full sewage treatment plants. Our services, as with all of our other systems also spans everything from design through to installation, commissioning and maintenance/servicing.

In order for us to propose the correct wastewater treatment system for your site, please send us as much information that you can about the use of the building, the number of people within the building, any consent to discharge documentation from the environment agency and any drainage layouts would also be useful. We can then ensure that our proposal meets all relevant standards and planning criteria.

Stormwater Management
We have our own in-house software StormFlow®, for calculating the amount of storage volume required for both soakaways and stormwater attenuation tanks. As with the above two product groups, the more information available to be sent to us the better, more comprehensive our proposal can be. Depending on the stage of the project, whether drainage designs have been produced already or it’s still at planning stage and storage volumes have to be calculated, we can use our software to calculate the storage volume required for all soakaways and attenuation tanks. It will be necessary to know the infiltration rate of the soil if you need to install a soakaway.

We have a factsheet, which you can download here, to follow a step by step guide to carry out a percolation test at your site. If you need a full stormwater attenuation tank, then we need to know the discharge rate that the water must be restricted to on the outflow from the tank. We also need to know the loading requirements above the tanks, how many pipe connections and what sizes are specified. We will also ask if inspection and access for future maintenance are required, which we would propose as standard on our own designs.



Someone enjoyed Valentine’s Day 2016!

It’s all been happening over in Ireland for us in 2016 so far. We’ve had more activity over there in the first three months of this year than we did in the whole twelve months of 2015! The most recent of which being a trip for 3 over to Belfast to work on our stand at the Belfast Self Build Show. It’s all been happening over in Ireland for us in 2016 so far. We’ve had more activity over there in the first three months of this year than we did in the whole twelve months of 2015! The most recent of which being a trip for 3 over to Belfast to work on our stand at the Belfast Self Build Show. It was held over the weekend of Valentine’s Day, so Cathal had to book dinner reservations early. Not with his wife though, the 4 hour drive separating them put pay to that. No, instead he had to make reservations for four. Jen, Danielle, Flavia and himself. The things we have to do for the Company hey Cathal?!! With love in the air and apparently some nice Italian food in their bellies, they had a successful weekend! Thankfully many people in Belfast chose to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a visit to the Self Build show. Why not?! We had both our rainwater and wastewater systems on display over there and we brought away a good number of enquiries for both to lots of self-builders across the country. Hopefully enough to keep our Team Ireland busy finding new opportunities over the coming weeks and months now that things have settled down for them after completing our biggest ever stormwater tanks a few weeks back. The whole team continue to relish every opportunity to help out our Irish branch! It’s one place that never takes any convincing when we ask people to go there. We just have to make sure we keep getting plenty of orders over there so we’ve all a good reason to keep heading West! No pressure Cathal!


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