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With a collection of fixed-wing, multirotor and VTOL drones at our disposal, we make sure that we have the right system to fit your requirements.

Geo-4D is an independent Geoconsultancy based in Oxfordshire, UK, specialising in geoconsultancy, advanced remote sensing and 3D data services. Our core staff experience combined with a hand-picked suite of the best software available enables efficient and effective workflows, delivering accurate, cost-effective and flexible solutions.

Geo-4D work on data from marine, terrestrial and aerial sources, supporting a wide range of projects in sectors including renewables, engineering, construction, mining and aggregates, agriculture, hazards and risk, environment and conservation, site restoration and development.

Reporting and data delivery is completed as digital, hard copy and online, as required, with all CAD and GIS formats supported.

Geo-4D also offer client representation and project management, with Geo-4D UAV managing a network of CAA-approved drone pilots.

Our network of CAA-approved UAV operators gives us the ability to deploy pilots quickly across the UK and parts of Western Europe, meaning you get the data that you want, faster. The drone pilots are supported by our in-house technical team, providing expertise on photogrammetry, surveying and GIS to ensure that the data is collected correctly and accurately.

Depending on your project requirements, we have the capability to offer in-house or cloud-based photogrammetric processing, as well as subsequent GIS analysis and reporting. Drone and terrestrial RGB, thermal and multispectral imagery can be processed to produce orthomosaics, point clouds, DEMs, reflectance maps and much more. The use of survey control during processing allows us to deliver results with typical accuracies of +/- 30mm horizontally and +/- 50mm vertically. These results can be improved further still by requesting a survey with our top-end cameras, capable of achieving sub-cm resolutions.

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