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Toner Damp Proofing Supplies
Toner Damp Proofing Supplies

  • Protection against penetrating damp
  • Breathable Water Repellent
  • Masonry flood resistance improvement

No Hydro Masonry Protection Cream is a breathable, colorless, water-repellent treatment for brick, concrete, and stonework walls. No Hydro Masonry Protection Cream is applied in a single coat application to the wall surface and will penetrate 12mm fully before curing to a water-repellent barrier that will last up to 25 years.

Breathable Protection For Up To 25 Years
No Hydro Masonry Protection Cream is formed by carefully selected silanes and siloxanes that line the masonry pores to form a water-repellent silicone matrix. As it works by lining the pores rather than blocking them the masonry is allowed to breathe and does not suffer from increased frost damage (spalling). No Hydro Cream is effectively protected from the sun and other forms of UV light due to its unique formulation and deep penetration, resulting in a 20 – 30 year life span

12mm Penetration
No Hydro Deeply Penetrating Cream can penetrate more deeply into masonry than other liquid-applied masonry water repellents. This, as well as enhancing longevity, enhances the No Hydro Water Repellent Cream crack-bridging capability and can provide water-repellency beyond the depth of small cracks.

It should also be mentioned to receive the best protection, larger gaps will need to be filled during the treatment. Mortar lines may need to be repointed with a sand/cement or sand/lime mix.

Stone, Brick and Concrete Protection
No Hydro Masonry Protection Cream is effective when used on masonry substrates that contain a large proportion of sand (SiO2) – e.g. brick, mortar, sandstone, granite, etc… This is because the active ingredients in our cream form an extremely strong covalent bond with silicon dioxide (SiO2). No Hydro will also reduce heat loss therefore is energy efficient.

Chimney Protection
Dampness caused by weather damaged brick work on chimneys is a typical issue that many people deal with unsuccessfully due to incorrect diagnosis of the source and/or treatment. No Hydro Masonry Protection Cream can be used as reliable protection with a long life expectancy. With many benefits using No Hydro Protective Cream for the application will give you up to 25 years of protection against bad weather protecting properties chimneys porous bricks and mortar preventing water ingress, penetrating damp, water absorption and frost damage.

It should be mentioned that it might also be beneficial to inject a No Hydro Damp Proof Cream at the lowest accessible point in the chimney stack to mitigate moisture tracking down this route.

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Toner Damp Proofing Supplies
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