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Impact Aerial Ltd
We aren’t just about photography at Impact Aerial. We provide a top-quality, affordable, professional service that means you can make use of our experience to get the results you want, without the stress of manning new technology yourself.

Step 1: Consultation
The first stage of our service. We provide a thorough consultation to ensure that your exact needs are met, and this also involves planning and our own necessary pre-site research.

Step 2: Survey
We then conduct a thorough site survey to ensure that safety and legal requirements are completely met prior to any photography or videography being carried out. We obtain pre-approvals from the appropriate authorities, landowners and air traffic controllers wherever necessary.

Step 3: Safety
Following the site survey, we conduct a site safety assessment to ensure complete regulatory and safety compliance.

Step 4: The Flight
This is the stage when all photography and videography is conducted. Our highly-trained pilots will carry out the entire process with our specialist drones.

Step 5: Post Production
In order to produce the best possible results for you, we use Adobe Lightroom for finishing and retouching of photos and Adobe Premiere Pro as well as DaVinci Resolve for video production.

Step 6: Presentation
The sixth stage is the presentation of the finished article. We give you time to check everything over and ensure that you are completely happy before concluding our service.

Step 7: Handover and Sign Off
The seventh and final stage is the delivery of the finished work. We deliver all of our completed work via our shared Google Private Cloud Drive. For customers that prefer the work delivered directly, we can also deliver the finished files using WeTransfer Pro.

Impact Aerial Ltd
2 Norton Drive
B47 6HH
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