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Hold-Fast Radiator Valves

Fits all known domestic valves up to 15mm (½")

Supplied in two forms:
  • Part No. DOMPK1 This is usually supplied in quantites of 200 and above to resellers and repackagers.
  • Part No. DOMPK2 This is supplied in quantities from 6, the minimum order, to as many as required.

Wheelhead valves are for manual control of radiators' (on/off) and are fixed on the 'flow' pipework.

Lockshield valves are for regulating the amount of water that passes through the radiator and are fixed on the 'return' pipework. They are Not required for manual control and should be left in pre-set position.

Identifying the wheelhead and lockshield valves if both tops are missing from a radiator and your heating system is on, turn it off (at your control switch) and leave until radiator/pipework is COLD. Then turn the heating system back on and whichever pipework (leading directly to the valve) is the first to get hot is the Wheelhead valve.

Optional accessories collar, for use with valve measurements up to 22mm. 4 Drive Discs, for wheelhead valves ONLY. One disc MUST be used.

Top removal, as the valve tops are tamperproof, use a pin hammer to tap off the top. Replace with a new top.

IMPORTANT do not fit replacement tops on leaking valves.
Hold-Fast Radiator Valves
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