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01252 716 630
Unit 6 Abbey Business Park
Monks Walk

About MASON U.K. Ltd

We are specialists in noise & vibration control products and systems, and have recently celebrated our 20th year in business. Mason UK are an exclusive agent for Mason Industries Inc. covering the UK, Ireland and many parts of Europe with an extensive range of products and systems for Architectural, M&E and Industrial applications.

Our qualified engineers can provide full design services for all our products and systems. As a company we supply and install acoustic floating floor systems, design and supply suspended acoustic ceiling hangers, wall isolation, HVAC isolation systems, and isolation bearings for structures or whole building. Additionally bespoke and specialist noise and vibration control products can be provided.

Architectural Isolation
We can help with design, specifications, and selection of the appropriate systems for your architectural isolation project. Our engineers can produce details CAD drawings and carry out load calculations for a variety of isolation problems. We would be happy to talk with you about any aspect of architectural isolation.

We have been floating floors, resiliently suspending ceilings and isolating walls for over 20 years. The need for this acoustical reinforcement has been well established in textbooks, sales literature and acoustical engineering recommendations. Floating Floors remain the most effective way of reducing sound transmission and vibration from the floor above.
  • Floating Floors
  • Isolation Hangers
  • Wall Isolation
  • Acoustic Foams
Vibration Control
We stock a wide range of vibration control products, designed for all applications and scenarios. Our engineers can help to select an appropriate product, design bespoke systems, and in some cases carry out the installation of vibration control products. We would be happy to discuss your vibration control problems and provide suitable solutions.

Mechanical and electrical equipment can generate significant vibration that can travel through walls, floors and ceilings, flanking into adjoining rooms and buildings. If not treated effectively, this can cause noise and vibration to disturb staff, residents and also effect sensitive equipment.
  • Rubber Mounts & Pads
  • Spring Mounts
  • Isolation Hangers
  • Inertia Bases
  • Air Springs
Flexible Pipe Connectors
There are many types of flexible pipe connectors produced by Mason Industries. They can be broadly categorised into two groups; rubber expansion joints and stainless steel flexible connectors.

Isolation Bearings
Building isolation bearings are used to isolate entire buildings or elements such as walls, steelwork or columns. Every bearing is bespoke, designed to accept the specific loads and compress to isolate as required. A typical application would be to prevent vibrations from a nearby railway or underground line entering the building structure or to support raked seating in a cinema.

Isolation bearings can either be elastomeric (typically natural rubber) or helical metal spring. The nature of the vibration will dictate which type is required.
  • Spring Isolation Bearings
  • Elastomeric Isolation Bearings
Noise Control Services
Mason UK Ltd provide vibration control & noise control services, including the installation of floating floor systems. Acoustic engineering services include; design, installation, supply of products, floating floor systems & bespoke product design.
  • Installation of Floating Floors
    Mason U.K. Ltd will design, supply and install our jack up floating floor system including the supply and finish of the concrete.

  • Product Supply
    We keep a large inventory of the most commonly requested products in our warehouse, available for next working day delivery. Anything else from the Mason catalogue can be procured direct from the factory.

  • Installation Services
    We can offer a complete turn key solution to provide floating floor systems, including design, supply and installation. Mason U.K. designs every floating floor system in house including the reinforcing and concrete design mix. We can also offer support for any other product, including spring mounts, inertia bases and air-springs.

  • Design Services
    Mason UK offers a complete in-house design and consultancy service. Our engineers use the latest CAD system to create bespoke designs for acoustic floors and other acoustic isolation systems.

  • Bespoke Products
    Mason U.K. can design and supply bespoke products to suit a particular project. If a product from our catalogue does not offer the best solution we will happily design one that will.

  • Technical Seminars & CPD
    Mason UK offer a wide range of free technical seminars. These can be delivered as a short summary, or as certificated CPD lectures. We can deliver the talks via webcam or in person.

  • Specification
    We can provide specifications for many different components and architectural features. Using the correct specification will ensure that whatever product is selected for your project is well engineered and has the desired characteristics.


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