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ecomerchant Natural Building Materials Limited

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Ecomerchant Head Office
The National Self Build and Renovation Centre
England, UK

About ecomerchant Natural Building Materials Limited

Protexion by Ecomerchant.
With over 2,000 product lines including top brands and proven performance products plus UK-wide delivery direct from stock, we can always help you find the right tool for the job.

Dedicated to ethically sourced, sustainable building materials at accessible prices. All our products are high quality, natural and eco-friendly, ensuring your project is energy efficient and of a high standard.

Our whole supply chain, from raw material to production, to end use is carefully constructed for the lowest possible environmental impact. Browse our products or contact our expert team for more details.

In Ground
A compact but essential range of products for in ground and buried services including insulated sub floor thermal breaks to connect the foundations to the structure above. In ground work often presents the biggest headaches in construction and our products are carefully chosen to solve some of the biggest problems when building foundations and sub floors, or when connecting and delivering building services. Our eco friendly range includes structural sub floor insulation, water and sewage, and heating products.

Thermal performance begins with the floor. We have a carefully chosen range of products for all new or refurbished floors to ensure a professional performance floor for every building. Our range includes insulation and thermal breaks, on-site lime screeds, airtight solutions and radon barriers, and beautiful FSC-certified timber floorboards. We can help you deliver a sympathetic and high-performance floor, whether for a statement new build, refurbishing an older property or a single room.

In the quest for sustainable living, every construction material counts. One area where you can make a significant impact is by using eco-friendly wall building materials. These materials not only contribute to a sustainable environment but also provide a healthier indoor environment for occupants.

Explore a wide range of interior fit-out building materials that prioritise environmental sustainability. These range from insulation materials that enhance thermal and acoustic performance to plasters and sheet materials. These options provide superior structural and decorative solutions and control moisture, improving thermal and acoustic performance.

With a focus on the well-being and comfort of occupants, our interior building materials are suitable for new and refurbishment projects.

A weatherproof shell is critical to delivering a comfortable and durable building. Our exterior range covers a wide choice of carefully chosen materials to offer top-quality protection against the elements.

The entire range offers solutions for older and heritage buildings and modern new builds. Focusing on airtightness and thermal efficiency, our materials are carefully chosen for environmentally and energy-conscious buildings.

At Ecomerchant, we offer a premier selection of roofing membranes and accessories from top manufacturers such as Pro Clima to enhance airtightness and energy efficiency. Proper sealing of the roof is crucial to prevent air leakage and heat loss through the building envelope. Our high-performance roofing products provide long-lasting protection and improved comfort.

Garden & Landscaping
Shop our incredible range of sustainable products for all types of landscaping projects from large commercial to small domestic jobs. Our ranges include hard landscaping, drainage and SUDS, soakaways, off grid sewage treatment plants, erosion control and ground stabilisation, through to natural geotextiles and pond liners to help establish new habitats.

You will find essential garden maintenance and cleaning supplies, perfect for bringing that garden inspiration to life. Our range of landscaping and gardening products can help you build anything from a simple idea in a small space to ambitious gardens by professional designers.

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