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Unit 1 Showell Road
West Midlands
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Stainless and Aluminium Services Ltd, Wolverhampton are stockists and suppliers of stainless steel and aluminium for next day local and national delivery. No minimum quantity. We can supply these grades of stainless steel in the various forms.

Stainless Steel
We are often asked what is stainless steel? and what makes stainless steel ‘stainless’?

‘Stainless’ is a general name for steels which are iron alloys with a minimum of 10.5% chromium. Today stainless steel refers to a whole range of different steel types and grades that are resistant to corrosion and oxidation. The Chromium content of these steels creates a very thin layer of oxide on the surface called the passive layer. This layer prevents further corrosion of the surface and increasing the percentage of Chromium increases resistance to corrosion.

Aluminium provider
We are stockholders, suppliers & processors of Aluminium. We supply aluminium precision plates milled on both sides (FORMODAL® 030) and aluminium extrusions, profiles/mouldings, box sections, channels and, tubes.

Brass is a copper zinc alloy, the zinc content can vary from 10% to about 39%. Low zinc content brasses are used where brazing and enamelling are requires such as jewellery. ‘Common Brass’ contains 36% zinc and is commonly found in sheet form. The highest zinc content of 39% produces free machining brass which usually includes the addition of a controlled amount of lead.

We can supply a comprehensive range of copper bar in square, flat and round, also copper sheet and copper tube. C101 (soft, hard, half hard) grades available in bars and sheets, and C106 Hard, C106 Soft & C106 HH for copper tube. Copper Copper is used widely in electrical.

Phosphor Bronze
Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, the tin content can vary from 3% to 12%. Higher tin level alloys are particularly suitable for severe operating conditions.

Phosphor bronze is an alloy of copper with between 3.5 and 10% tin and a phosphorus content of up to 1%. The phosphorus act as a deoxidizing agent. These alloys display high strength and usefully a low coefficient of friction.

Phosphor bronze is particularly has particularly good for casting due to the improved fluidity in the molten state.

Tool Steel, Highspeed Steels and Mould Steels

01 Tool Steel 01 is an oil hardening carbon manganese tool steel, possessing excellent dimensional stability during heat treatment.Typical applications: Press Tools, Broaches, Clipping, Marking Punches, Gauges, Jigs, Deep Drawing Dies, Slitting Cutters, Taps & Screwing Tools
(data sheet & typical analysis available on request)

A2 Tool Steel A2 is an air hardening, cold work, tool steel. A 5% Chromium steel which provides high hardness after heat treatment with good
dimensional stability. A2 delivers good toughness with medium wear resistance and is relatively easy to machine. Used in many applications which require good wear resistance as well as good toughness.Typical Applications: blanking tools, punch dies, trim dies, forming dies, gauges, shear , blades, stamping dies.A2 Steel Properties click here(A2 data sheet & typical analysis available on request)

D2 Tool Steel D2 Steel is a high carbon, high chromium cold work tool steel. Recommended for use when greater toughness is required. It offers good wear resistance and high compressive strength.Typical applications: Press Tools (inc. heavy duty), general purpose punches and dies, crushers, gauges, swaging dies, tools requiring resistance to abrasion, blanking tools, Thread rolling, Coining, General purpose
D2 Steel Properties – click here.

(D2 data sheet & typical analysis available on request)

D2 Supreme™ D2 Supreme is a close equivalent to DC53 cold work die and mold steel. It has excellent machining characteristics coupled with excellent wear resistance, toughness and compressive strength. Highly recommended for use when greater toughness is required.Typical applications: Moulds, punches, swaging dies, cold forging dies, forming dies, gauges, blades, shears, general purpose
(D2 Supreme data sheet & typical analysis available on request)

D3 Tool Steel D3 Steel is a high Carbon, high chromium cold work tool steel. D3 is similar to D2 but can attain a slightly higher hardness, it displays excellent abrasion/wear resistance and has good dimensional stability and high compressive strength.Typical Applications: Use for blanking and forming dies that require maximum resistance to abrasion. D3 is also used in forming rolls, press tools and punches.
D3 steel properties, click here

(D3 data sheet & typical analysis available on request)


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