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32 Chapel Road
BT35 8JY.
Northern Ireland

About Simply Train Me Ltd

Discover Your Drive

Unlock your potential with Simply Train Me’s educational courses. Choose from our virtual, classroom or online training options.

Simply Train Me provides a wide range of training for all sectors to empower individuals and businesses to achieve their targets.
With a combination of experience expanding 40 years, we have professional, highly experienced, fully qualified instructors. Who will patiently and effectively teach you, all you need to know to gain the skills you require to get the job or career progression you have been striving for. Whether it’s Construction, Education, Business, Food Safety and more we are here to help.

Why Online Learning Works?

Flexible Time
Learners can choose when to study, fitting courses around their work, family, and personal commitments.

Get Certified
Online courses offer certificates upon completion, adding credibility to one's skills and enhancing a learner's resume.

Online learning is more affordable than traditional in-person classes, reducing the financial burden of education.

Plant & Machinery Training
Gain a competitive edge in your sector with our specialised industrial courses. Developed and taught by industry experts, these courses provide practical knowledge, insider insights, and real-world case studies that will equip you with the skills and expertise necessary to excel in these specialised fields.
At Simply Train Me we can provide courses at our state of the art facility or on-site at your premises.
All courses will require a theory and practical exam to pass in order to receive your accredited ticket.

In-Person Training
Experience the benefits of interactive, face-to-face learning in our classroom training programs.
Simply Train Me’s in-person training sessions ensures a rich and immersive educational experience that fosters deep understanding and knowledge retention.
Engage with Simply Train Me expert instructors and fellow learners in a dynamic learning environment that encourages discussion, collaboration, and immediate feedback.

Other Services
At Simply Train Me, we are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of your learning journey. Our other services are designed to complement our comprehensive training offerings, ensuring you receive a well-rounded and enriching educational experience.
Whether you're an individual seeking personal growth or an organisation looking to enhance its workforce, we've got you covered. Unlock your potential with Simply Train Me and embark on a journey of continuous improvement and success.

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