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Cleanroomshop has supplied laboratories and cleanrooms with consumables and equipment for 20 years.
Ever since we launched the first e-commerce cleanroom supplies shop in 2002, we've offered upfront pricing, online ordering and next day delivery. With unbeatable customer service, our specialist team of cleanroom professionals can advise on products and protocols.

We understand that the reliable supply of critical products is vital for your facility. Our expert team use supportive pricing and flexible delivery mechanisms to build tailored service level agreements.

With an extensive portfolio from leading brands, we have the right products to support your process. We do this all with the highest levels of customer service.

Humans are potentially the largest source of contamination in a cleanroom and the correct selection of garments is of extremely high importance to avoid generation of particles.

Correct cleanroom clothing will protect your process by retaining particles from the wearer, ensuring contamination control. Consideration should also be given to the process and the correct clothing needs to be selected to protect operatives.

The selection of appropriate disinfectants for cleanroom cleaning is critical in maintaining effective particulate or microbial control.

From hand hygiene, to cleaning a cleanroom and its workstations, to deciding on products for a rotational cleaning programme for a Grade A cleanroom – we have the right manual cleaning products for you.’s range of microbial disinfection and cleaning products contains products to suit every level of contamination control.

Browse a range of products that can be used to support businesses in implementing the results from their risk assessment to create a COVID-secure workplace. Workplaces should make every reasonable effort to comply with the social distancing guidelines set out by the government (keeping people 2m apart) and increase the frequency of hand washing and surface cleaning.

We offer a complete service for laboratory furniture fit outs - contact us for details. Our stainless steel furniture is made in the UK.

With the best customer choice for cleanroom furniture on the market, we will deliver products to you fully-assembled and ready for immediate use, or flatpacked for ease of shipping. You will find very competitive prices - that are hard to beat!

When selected and used properly, stainless steel furniture and equipment and the Trespa Toplab Base Range of Cleanroom Furniture can have an extremely positive impact on the performance of a cleanroom. Step over benches and transfer hatches encourage good protocol, whilst benches and chairs can improve operatives comfort and improve productivity.

Successful cleanroom monitoring allows you to observe and control optimum conditions and maintain a consistent environment for your practices.

To monitor particles, airflow, temperature, humidity, sound, light / lux levels or pressure; can supply you with the right quality equipment to do so. All equipment is supplied fully calibrated with transport and storage cases where appropriate. provide an ongoing particle counter calibration service for all units, providing you peace of mind that the unit remains ISO 21050-4 compliant. Please email to arrange for calibration or to sign up to our free reminder service.

The best value sticky mats in the market! Prices start as low as £7 per mat!

Foot-borne and wheel-borne contamination can introduce many particles to a cleanroom. If operatives walk over a sticky mat before entering a clean area, the contamination from the bottom of their shoe transfers onto the mat. This reduces the risk of contamination being introduced into the cleanroom.

CLEANROOMS, LAMINAR FLOW & TRAINING is a division of Connect 2 Cleanrooms; who supply market leading modular cleanroom and contamination control solutions. Connect 2 Cleanrooms provide bespoke solutions. We offer some standard sizes of modular cleanrooms at a competitive price, but with all the same after sales care service you would receive from Connect 2 Cleanrooms.

As part of our commitment to providing a complete contamination control solution, we also offer laminar flow hoods and benches, along with HEPA filters, spares and accessories.

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Cleanroom Shop UK are a UK based specialist online supplier and distributor of cleanroom supplies
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