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Khai Zin Thein
The Technology Centre, 40 Occam Road


AI-Powered Smart Building Management Solutions

DIREK SBM solutions leverage advanced machine learning and AI algorithms to optimise the use of resources within buildings, enhance the occupants' experience, reduce operational costs and increase sustainability.

Revolutionise Your Space Management
The cutting-edge DIREK-M sensor is your ultimate solution for smart occupancy detection and monitoring. Designed for diverse environments like smart buildings, offices, retail spaces, and healthcare facilities, the DIREK-M redefines how you understand and utilise your spaces.

Unmatched Accuracy
Detects subtle activities, from breathing to typing. Ideal for comprehensive occupancy monitoring.

Versatile Performance
Reliable in diverse conditions: low light, smoke, or fog.

Privacy Preservation
No identifiable images captured. Ideal for privacy-sensitive environments.

DIREK-M Sensor
The cutting-edge DIREK-M sensor is your ultimate solution for smart occupancy detection and monitoring in smart buildings. Designed for diverse environments, including meeting rooms, collaborative spaces, pods, desks and agile workspaces, the DIREK-M redefines how you understand and utilise your spaces with advanced space management techniques.

DIREK-D Edge Gateway
The DIREK-D Edge Gateway is the central hub for our sensor technology, collecting critical data from DIREK-M sensors across air quality, environment, and energy metrics. This data is seamlessly transmitted to our AI analytics engine, enabling a comprehensive overview of building operations. Opt for the DIREK-D Edge Gateway integrated with DIREK environment sensors for ultimate space optimisation.

Space Optimisation and Occupancy Management
DIREK’s innovative solutions in space management and optimisation, including the advanced DIREK-M sensor for smart occupancy detection and the DIREK-D Edge Gateway for enhanced data connectivity, are tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern workplaces. Our AI-based technologies and smart occupancy management systems are designed to maximise efficiency, safety, and comfort in various settings, from offices to retail spaces and healthcare facilities, embodying the essence of smart building technology and smart sensors.

AI-Powered Environmental Monitoring
Transform your workspace with DIREK's AI-Powered Environmental Monitoring Solutions. Designed to swiftly identify and address indoor air quality issues, our advanced sensors and AI analytics ensure that no critical information is overlooked. Enhance occupant satisfaction and well-being by maintaining optimal environmental conditions efficiently. Our intuitive dashboard integrates seamlessly with occupancy and energy data, providing facility managers with the tools needed for proactive space management and compliance with health standards.

AI-Driven Energy Efficiency Management
Commercial buildings face the dual task of adopting efficient energy practices while adhering to evolving environmental regulations. A significant portion of energy usage, around 67%, goes towards building services such as lighting and HVAC, with inefficiencies leading to about 30% of energy wastage. Businesses face the complex challenges of reducing energy footprint and cost while navigating an increasingly competitive and regulated market.

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