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About Senelux LTD

Our Company
Originating in Liverpool in the UK but supplying products worldwide, Senelux is dedicated to designing and creating high-quality innovative products. Senelux is our new flagship brand under the Senelux Group. We have also produced products under the Senua trademark since 2012 specializing in indoor growing, gardening, hydroponics, and horticultural products.

Our Famous Dehumidifiers
Our famous dehumidifier department features some of the best dehumidifiers in the U.K at the most affordable prices. With a long list of efficient dehumidifiers, our famous dehumidifier department is versatile, efficient and cost effective for your home. Designed to combat the effects of damp and mould, our dehumidifier department is your one-stop-shop for adequate home protection and your first line of defence against the adverse effects of damp weather.

Start your journey against the threat of damp and mould and start protecting your home today. We proudly boast the best collection of dehumidifiers in the U.K, more than capable of protecting your home and providing a stylish and modern atmosphere for your home. Our famous dehumidifiers are robust and efficient, eliminating mould at the cause: damp and excess moisture. Not only are our dehumidifiers sturdy and powerful but, through advanced settings and compressor technology, they're also amongst the most energy efficient dehumidifiers in the U.K saving you significant money whilst protecting your home and property from excess moisture.

Discover our heater department, where comfort meets efficiency and chilly, frosty weather becomes a thing of the past. If your home is suffering the effects of cold weather, our premium electric heaters are designed from the ground up with your family in mind. Our heaters come fully equipped with all of the essential safety options built-in to ensure that your heating is always hassle free and completely safe for your home allowing you to focus on the things that matter: family, home and life.

Warmth is paramount and throughout our entire range of incredible electric heaters, we guarantee exceptional heating potential and a warm and modern hearth for your home. With a wide selection of energy efficient electric heaters for your home, we're striving to make heating as straight-forward and cost effective as possible. With energy efficient features such as timers, ECO modes and automatic on/off switches, our electric heaters are dedicated to saving you money whilst maximising your comfort at home. With our electric heaters, you no longer have to sacrifice your home comfort to save on your energy bills.

Electric Fans
Harness the power of the wind and the air, with our fantastic selection of cooling fans. Fully equipped and ready to start enhancing the air flow of your home, our fans are designed to flow seamlessly with your existing interior styling, with a wide range of classic chrome designs and modern, elegant innovation. Introduce your home to the refreshing breeze of wind power, courtesy of our incredible cooling fans.

With each passing summer seeming hotter and more intense than the last, our fans introduce some much needed air flow at affordable prices. From tower fans, to folding fans, to rechargeable fans to classic chrome floor fans, our selection can easily accommodate your specific needs for your home. Cooling has never been more straightforward, customisable or exciting. With such a wide and exceptional range, our fans allow you to really fine-tune your search for the ultimate cooling solution for your home.

Ice Makers
Your glass never needs to be half empty again. Our fantastic selection of ice makers ensures that you'll never have to settle for room temperature refreshments ever again. Whether you're ready for a party, dinner or get together with friends- an ice maker is a terrific companion to make sure the refreshments flow smoothly. Rapid ice creation and intuitive design lead to the best selection of ice making machines in the U.K.

Air Purifiers
In today's world, air quality seems to be decreasing at a rapid rate. With our fantastic range of air purifiers, you can enhance your air quality, eliminating air-borne pollutants and allergens whilst improving your home's air quality and making your air lighter and significantly fresher. Who says you can't have fresh air indoors? By making your air fresher and less polluted by using an air purifier, you can ensure that your home's air is more breathable and regardless of the increase of global, environmental pollution.

With more traffic on the roads and increasing industrial work, an air purifier is more effective now than ever thanks to increasing global pollution. But your home need not suffer the effects. Exceptionally efficient and remarkably robust, our selection of air purifiers are ready to handle the effects of poor air quality. Making the most of advanced filtration technology, our air purifiers are more than meet the eye and have so much more to offer a comfortable home.


Yes: Air Purifiers DO Work

What is an Air Purifier?

In the simplest terms, an air purifier keeps your air clean, healthy and comfortable. This is the entire explanation in a nutshell but unfortunately- it's not the best out there. Looking into air purifiers, one this is very apparent. Confusing, overly-long descriptions of very basic functions and home comforts. In today's article, we're stripping all of that down to the bare basics so that you know- in a snapshot- what an air purifier is, how it works and what it does. So whether you're new to air purifiers or just looking for a change in air quality, we're going to make sure you know the ins and outs, back-to-front.

What Does an Air Purifier Do?

In short, an air purifier purifies the air. But that's not really good enough is it? If we're going to talk properly about air purifiers, then we need to take a look at what exactly an air purifier does for your home. So, firstly, an air purifier has two main components. It's important to know each of these before deciding that an air purifier is right for you as both require a bit of understanding to get the most out of your air purifier. These components are: a highly efficient extraction fan and a filter that is used to trap the polluting particles that are present in your home's air. Let's take a second to go over each.

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