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Matthew Ambler
Springfield House
West Sussex
RH12 2RG
England UK

About Ambler Group LTD

Welcome To Ambler Group

​Welcome to Ambler Group - your trusted partner for utility surveying and GPR survey solutions. Our expert surveyors deliver fast, accurate, and tailored services nationwide. With a range of services, including utility mapping and GPR surveys, we help you minimize risks and optimize efficiency. Contact us today for personalized guidance and unparalleled service.

At Ambler Group, we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service. We believe that consistency is key, which is why we provide the best solution to your survey requirements and ensure ongoing support is available to all our clients. Our existing clients benefit from a high-quality, cost-effective, and reliable service that they can count on. Whether you need underground utility detection, topographical surveys, or drainage surveys, we're here to help.

Specialist Utility, Topographical and CCTV Drainage Surveys Available Nationwide

Utility Surveys
What is a Utility Survey?
A utility survey is conducted to find any and all services within an area. Services that can be found are Water, Gas pipes, Electric (HV and LV), Communications (BT, CATV various others) Traffic signals, Fuel lines, Drainage and Heating pipes.

GPR Surveys
Ground Penetrating Radar
GPR is becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry. For many major companies, a full utility survey and GPR is the minimum requirement before permits to dig can be obtained. With the ever-growing utility sector increasing their networks with fibre cables and plastic pipes this is where the GPR comes into play as your standard CAT and Genny aren't able to locate many of these services.

How it works - GPR uses an antenna to send electromagnetic waves into the ground which then causes a reflection shown on the screen. The image shown is examined by the surveyor to determine possible services, voids and disturbances in the ground a reading can then be taken to give an accurate depth. Using stats, markers and knowledge from years of experience the surveyor can then determine what these signatures may be.

Topographical & 3D Laser Scanning
Topographical Survey
A topographical survey is a comprehensive study that gathers data about the shape and features of the land surface, both natural and man-made. It involves capturing detailed information about the terrain, including elevations and contours. These surveys are conducted for various purposes and outputs, such as accurate site visualization and development planning. ​

Topographic maps generated from these surveys are valuable resources for architects, engineers, contractors, and other professionals to plan and design efficiently. The accuracy of the collected data is vital to ensure precise project execution.

Desktop Surveys
What are Desktop Utility Surveys?
Desktop utility surveys are a specialized service offered by Ambler Group Surveys. These surveys involve a comprehensive assessment of underground utilities without the need for physical inspections at the site. Instead, our experienced team utilizes advanced techniques to access utility records and mapping data to provide information on the location of underground utilities.

PAS128 Survey: Specification for Utility Detection, Location and Verification
A PAS128 survey is a standard published in 2014 by the British Standards Institution (BSI) that outlines the specification for underground utility detection, location, and verification.

Drainage Surveys
Nationwide Drainage CCTV Surveys
At Ambler Group, we offer reliable and efficient drainage CCTV surveys to clients nationwide. Whether you're a homeowner, a commercial property owner, or a public authority, we have the expertise and equipment to inspect and diagnose any drainage issues you may be experiencing.
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Ambler Group LTD are a utility surveyor specialising in locating and recording underground services, including PAS 128, GPR Utility surveys
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