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Silviya Stoyanova
130 High Street
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About BRICOFLOR Linoleum

Linoleum Flooring: Sustainable and Versatile

As the world-leading brand in linoleum products, the manufacturer Forbo offers a wide range of modern flooring collections. Each of these selections boasts attributes such as sustainable, hardwearing, wear-resistant, durable, and easy-care, among others. With collections such as Forbo Marmoleum, Forbo Walton and Forbo Artoleum, you will find a wide assortment of high-quality Forbo linoleum flooring in the BRICOFLOR online store.

The name for this large collection is the classic marble linoleum flooring, which is composed of finely tuned colours. In the Forbo Walton Uni, Forbo Walton Cirrus and Forbo Walton Concrete collections, on the other hand, you will find classic as well as draped unicolour designs and therefore a suitable renovation partner for every kind of interior.

Discover these and many other Forbo flooring collections in the BRICOFLOR online store and let them inspire you!

Timeless Design In Many Trendy Colors With Your Linoleum Floor
Linoleum flooring is now available in a multitude of designs and colours as the product can mimic many materials. Maybe you’re looking for linoleum flooring in wood effect, marble effect linoleum flooring or patterned linoleum flooring. If you’re looking for something simpler, there are many collections that feature black linoleum flooring, grey linoleum flooring, white linoleum flooring or simply dark linoleum flooring.

Not forgetting colour combinations like black and white linoleum, for example. The different designs give each room a completely new perspective and a completely new look. Thanks to the various designs and a choice of colours that includes far more than a hundred different colourations, there are no limits to your interior decoration ambitions.

In the colour world of this flooring, there are both simple and restrained decors in white, beige, brown, grey, anthracite and black variations as well as bright rainbow colours, such as the popular turquoise linoleum flooring. With this selection of primary, secondary and tertiary colours, there is an attractive floor in the area of ​​high-quality linoleum floor coverings for every renovation project. Discover the flooring options now in our BRICOFLOR online store!

The Main Advantage: Longevity
A good linoleum flooring roll is, thanks to the permanent bonding with the substrate, a powerful floor covering that will last you many decades. The PUR surface finish guarantees high resistance and longevity. This finish makes the flooring easy to clean and maintain, making linoleum bathroom flooring a great option.

However, even against higher loads, such as mechanical stresses, this flooring option is ready. For example, pressure points regenerate after a while. In addition, the high abrasion resistance and imperviousness to light chemicals make this a perfect floor covering for many situations.

Linoleum Floor In Bricoflor Online Store
We offer an incredible number of linoleum tiles in our extensive collection, featuring major European brand manufacturers, such as Forbo. Since the selection is often difficult for this large assortment, we also offer you a sample service! Find your new flooring in the BRICOFLOR online store now!


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