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Silviya Stoyanova
130 High Street
England UK

About BRICOFLOR LVT Flooring

Vinyl flooring, LVT flooring - the different names of the versatile all-rounder

People often think about the correct name for this product. Is it called vinyl flooring? Or is it LVT flooring?

The answer to that is both. Vinyl flooring is the general word and the LVT, also ‘luxury vinyl tiles’, has been created to avoid the connection to its predecessor, the old low-quality vinyl roll. The creation of various names is also due to manufacturers naming each product individually.

LVT as the precursor - this is how the success story began
Due to a shortage of raw materials during the Second World War, many companies were forced to adapt to the new availability and therefore turn to ‘vinyl’, which was not very common back in the day. Initially, vinyl was used as an alternative to rubber. After the war, the use of vinyl began to flourish. The usage of vinyl for popular vinyl records set the stage for the new flooring made out of vinyl. As the flooring was gaining more popularity, it was often criticised because of the harmful vapours it was producing and was, therefore, cast aside until an improved version – called LVT-came out. This version turned out to be cost-effective and safe at the same time.

The LVT flooring - the advantages of vinyl
With time, the LVT floors have been continuously optically and technically developing. By creating more innovative material compositions, better dimensional stability and durability have been achieved. Moreover, improved rolling methods and printing techniques also provided a more authentic look.

During the 2000s, the final step to what we now call LVT Flooring has been developed. The new production of vinyl floors in the form of tiles and planks with different installation options has proved to be revolutionary. Not only did this flooring look more authentic, but it also made installation faster and easier than the rolling LVT

Always a good choice - the advantages of LVT flooring
LVT Flooring now includes many practical advantages and a very authentic design that is offered in four different installation options. Vinyl Floors are an excellent choice for both private and commercial use and they come in countless designs and decors such as wooden and stone effects.

The wet room suitability - perfect for the kitchen and bathroom
A particularly positive aspect of this floor covering is its suitability in damp rooms. LVT can easily withstand very high humidity. Thanks to its 100% water-repellent material, moisture and wetness have no chance. Unlike parquet or laminate, it is not possible to damage the vinyl floor with water and is therefore perfect for bathroom vinyl flooring. This guarantees a long product life even under harsh conditions. The LVT Flooring is the best alternative to the stone-cold ceramic tiles in the kitchen and is hard to maintain linoleum in the living areas. Because it comes in endless designs and patterns, you have the choice!


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