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About Rock Fall Industry Defining Safety Footwear

The toughest and most comfortable safety footwear range. ever.

Industry Defining Safety Footwear.
A multi-award winning second generation family owned business, Rock Fall has positioned itself at the forefront of the safety footwear industry through world first innovations that provide solutions to the ever-changing demands of modern businesses. The organisation is proud of its British heritage and our country’s position as a world leader in Health and Safety. Retaining our status as an independent SME allows us to be agile, making swift but sustainable and carefully considered decisions.

In recent years, the company has rationalised and diversified its product offering to provide our customers with the collection they need to grow their business. Supplying exclusively via Authorised Distribution Partners, Rock Fall pro-actively work with major end-users and industry associations to improve Workplace Safety.

Our world leading component brands, help us create Industry Defining Safety Footwear. The forefront of safety footwear. Rock Fall has positioned itself at the forefront of safety footwear, through world first innovations that provide solutions to the ever-changing demands of modern industry.

It’s our partnerships with world leading component brands that enable us to create Industry Defining Safety Footwear.

We’re on a journey to redefine our whole product sourcing process with sustainability at our core.



Site Safety – Let’s start with the correct footings

Construction & Utility sites are full of potential hazards. A good proportion of these can be reduced by having the correct footwear.

Whether simply walking across a site, digging a ditch or climbing a ladder, you need safety boots with a good grip and effective non-slip soles.

Risks such as falling materials cannot be removed, but the severity can be greatly reduced by wearing adequate toe protection – i.e. a steel toe cap or one manufactured with composite materials.

The risk of underfoot injury should also be considered, with many sites containing debris, sharp materials and uneven ground. Choosing safety footwear with a steel or para-aramid anti-puncture protective midsole may be a wise option in order to protect the sole of the foot from punctures that may lead to infection.

Distractions cause accidents

Construction and Utility workers need to multi-task - doing their actual job whilst being aware of the dangers around them, if their main focus is discomfort of their footwear, accidents can potentially follow and could have severe consequences, especially on busy sites.

Comfort increases wellbeing

Protection and support should be the major concern when choosing safety footwear for a construction or utility site. However, with spine issues and plantar fasciitis being a big problem for workers who are on their feet for lengthy periods whilst working in extreme conditions, comfort and support should also be considered as a must have.

Fortunately, with top-quality safety boots, there is no reason to compromise on safety for comfort. Additional comfort can be achieved by adding Activ-Step footbeds for arch support, Activ-step anti-fatigue footbeds and Activ-step socks.

Comfortable safety boots start with quality components that are kind to the foot and the planet. Always look for footwear that meets or even better exceeds official safety standards and is suitable for the environment that the wearer is working in – for some roles you may need more than one type of footwear to support the role that worker is covering. Strong outsoles and comfortable inner soles that fit correctly are a good start.

Fit for purpose

On any site there should be a good range of footwear available to the worker, with accessories available to provide arch support, insole comfort and correct fastenings to ensure that the fit is correct for each individual.

It is essential to consider different shapes and sizes of people’s feet. The person responsible for providing the safety footwear needs to be aware of the ergonomic hazards that may pose a risk of injury to the musculoskeletal system in as much detail as they focus on for site hazards. Offering a wide and varied selection of safety footwear is sure to increase attendance and productivity.

Rock Fall UK Can Help!

With over eighty styles of footwear and a wide variety of accessories to increase safety and comfort Rock Fall UK are a one-stop shop for the busy H&S/Procurement Managers. An unequalled range of footwear that covers every size and environment in today’s demanding society is readily available – contact: for immediate assistance.
Introduce Revive | RF314 safety boot, Rock Fall’s latest edition to the world of engineering and manufacturing

Introduce Revive | RF314 safety boot, Rock Fall’s latest edition to the world of engineering and manufacturing, ‘to be blunt’ the Revive | RF314 is becoming the hottest topic in safety footwear!

Just like the original engineer boot of the 50’s, & 60’s the toe is bulbus and the sole is thick, and in keeping with the retro feel the Rock Fall development team have given the Revive | RF134 an extraordinary, sustainable, and contemporary twist!

Developed using groundbreaking technology from Gen Phoenix, the uppers are made using black recycled leather material which resonates the sleek rugged elegance of a modern engineering boot.

What are the main safety features in the production of the Revive| RF314 safety boot?

Firstly, the safety boot needed to be designed to industry requirements. Manufacturing footwear for shopfloor, engineering, aerospace, automotive, airports, freight and logistic companies require a range of safety features, and composite products, including:

* Recycled leather uppers: product by Gen
* Anti-Static
* ESD Certified
* 100% Non-metallic construction
* Protective Toecap: Fibreglass
* Scuff Cap: BASF PU
* Protective Midsole: Composite
* Footbeds: Activ-Step natural rubber
sustainable anti-fatigue footbed
* Outsole: BASF PU
* SR Slip Rated
* Oil Resistant

100% non-metallic and ESD certified, with protective toecap and midsole, the Revive safety boot is comfortable and extremely lightweight and features sustainable materials.

Leaving a lighter footprint on the planet.

The recycled leather upper by Gen Phoenix fitted perfectly into the high-quality aesthetic requirements for the Revives upper body material whilst boosting the sustainable credentials of this amazing engineering safety boot.

Information on Gen Phoenix, can be found online

Keeping to our core values we also incorporated a range of other sustainable products including: rPET fabrics and an Activ-Step® anti-fatigue biomaterial footbed made from natural rubber, offering shock absorbing properties for enhanced comfort.

Inside safety trials.

The Revive | RF314 ESD certified, ankle height, mid-boot, lace-up, scored a perfect 10 throughout our working trials. We believe the Revive engineering safety boot will become a welcome addition to PPE supplies across automotive and aerospace manufacturing, freight, and logistic industries.

When will the Revive | RF 314 safety boot be available?

July 2024, want to know more ?

Contact the Rock Fall sales team for your nearest retail stockist. call T. 01773 608616

View the full range of Rock Fall Safety Footwear online
April is National Foot Awareness Month

This month Rock Fall UK discus your foot health and the Otus | RF200 6E extra-wide, extra-deep safety boots

Feet and Ankles are incredibly complex – they are the foundation to your entire body. Your feet must be flexible when walking, hold you stable when you are standing, they balance, adjust, and support your posture, and let’s not forget that they are an important part of your daily well-being.

The structure of the foot and ankle is made-up of 26 bones, including long bones in the middle and smaller toe bones, 33 joints and well over 100 muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. That said, the foot acts as a single functioning unit, made-up of three parts:

1. hindfoot, forms the ankle and heel.
2. midfoot, connects the hindfoot and the metatarsal bones to the forefoot.
3. forefoot, is made up of the toes.

Everyday foot problems can be avoided if you wear correctly fitted safety footwear.

Each section of the foot can become vulnerable to work injuries if you are not wearing correct fitting safety footwear, to protect against excessive damage, including, but not limited to, sprains, strains, blisters, bone fractures, tendinitis, or ruptured tendons. Some of these injuries often occur when the foot is planted on unstable surfaces and the body twists adjusting balance. In these instances, if your footwear is not fitted correctly i.e., too big, too tight, not enough ankle protection, the damage can be severe.

Foot pain can also be caused by medical conditions, including, arthritis and, or gout where the foot becomes red, swollen and severely sore.

You should not ignore your foot complaints!

Other conditions specific to the foot that can cause chronic foot pain, debilitating movement or instability to your balance and wellbeing could be highlighted by the following foot problems, in-growing toenails, bunions, corns, and calluses, blisters, metatarsalgia, hammer toe, heel spurs or morton’s neuroma.

Look after your Feet!

Keep your feet clean and dry, check regularly for blisters, cracked skin or signs of infection.

Make sure that your sock’s are not compressing or pinching your feet or legs.

For added extra comfort it is a clever idea to wear bamboo socks by Activ-Step® with your safety footwear. These eco-friendly, breathable, naturally antibacterial bamboo socks are extremally durable, they are designed to keep your feet dry all day long, and they work!

Make it a priority to change your work boots and have your feet checked regularly!
* Always choose the correct footwear for the job.
* Keep your feet securely fastened!
* A BOA® FIT SYSTEM keeps things simple and tight, distributing even pressure across the foot, eliminating heel lift.
* Lace-ups, you can decide if you want your boot to be tighter or relaxed and fine-tune as you wish.
* Minimise the risk of injuries, sprains and fracturs around the foot and ankle – look for high-leg or mid-leg boots that will protect the ankle area.
* Avoid painful, sore aching feet – look for Activ-Step® Comfort Footbeds and Shock Absorbing EVA and Rubber outsoles.
* Always wear safety boots that fit correctly!
? Remember to wear Bamboo socks for added comfort!

If you would like to get your feet scanned by a professional who uses pressure mapping software to measure your arch type and pressure points. Rock Fall UK have several wellness days throughout the year, check your nearest service centre for dates and availability.

Choosing the right safety footwear without sacrificing comfort or your health.

We know all too well, that if you have problems with foot pain when you are at work it could be linked to your safety footwear. If you find you are suffering from any of the foot issues listed above we think you should probably look at the new Otus | code RF200 safety boot by Rock Fall.

The Otus 6E extra-deep, extra-wide fitting safety boot is, we believe an industry first! And possibly the only extra-wide, extra-deep safety work boot that will get you back to work comfortably.

The Otus 6E has been developed and shaped with specific lasts to create a safety boot designed for a deep, wide, and comfortable fit for people with foot health issues. It features a non-metallic toecap and flexi-midsole, an Activ-TEX® waterproof membrane, and a BOA® FIT SYSTEM. The upper is made from full-grain black leather with a 60% recycled polyester lining, the midsole is made from a shock absorbing EVA, with a rubber outsole and TPU scuff caps.

Want to buy?

Call the Rock Fall sales team for your nearest stockist - T. 01773 608616 - E.

Checkout the full range of Rock Fall safety footwear

Rock Fall UK in collaboration with Bold as Brass, develop a range of professional women’s safety boots.

Designed for ‘Women by Women’, who work in heavy industry sectors.

Rock Fall is at the forefront of developing and providing, innovative, specialist protective safety footwear for everyone. Focusing on end-to-end supply chain process, from product design and procurement of raw materials to delivery of final product into the supply chain.

Everyday Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), particularly safety footwear comes into question. Safety boots, safety trainers, and safety shoes need to be comfortable, reliable, and durable, but most of all they do need to fit properly!

Regarding the fitting of women’s safety footwear, research tells us that organisations for the most part are converting men’s size fittings, into what they believe is the equivalent re-size for the female foot, without properly checking measurements.

In June 2023 Ground Engineering (GE) reported that 80% of the women who work in this industry were provided with ill-fitting PPE and safety footwear. This survey was followed-up by the Bold as Brass LinkedIn group who also ask similar questions to its network of working women in construction, mining, and quarrying. Their results continued along a similar vein with ill-fitting PPE and in some cases, PPE was not provided for, as sizes were not available.

Taking the lead on Safety Footwear for women who rock industry.

In the spring of 2023, the Rock Fall R&D department collaborated with the Bold as Brass. The brief, to produce a new range of safety footwear specifically developed for women in industry.

The development processes.

The requirements presented by Bold as Brass were to produce a safety boot that would not only fit a woman’s foot properly, but it need to withstand their everyday working environment.

Considering that everybody’s feet are individual, developing safety footwear, is an art.
The fit needs to be as secure as possible, ill-fitting footwear can make your feet uncomfortable, leading to distraction, risking the wearer’s health and safety, and wellbeing.

The foot measurements and circumference determine a shoe size, creating a starting point for developing safety footwear. However, slim feet, low instep/high instep arch, ankle bones, all need to be considered.

Following an extensive design consultation, with members of the Bold as Brass, the Rock Fall R&D team produced two safety boot samples in two very different colours, materials, and fastenings.
Using a female fitting to ensure a perfect women’s fit, Rock Fall sampled two new safety boots using the following materials:

* Nubuck leather in Stone
* Waxy full grain leather in Black
* Post-Consumer polyester materials such as
recycled plastic bottles
* Fully waterproof and breathable Activ Tex
membranes to keep feet dry and comfortable.
* Fiberglass toecap and composite midsole
* BOA lacing system, for precision fit and
evenly distributed tension.
* YKK zip for ease of access
* Full nitrile rubber soles

Extensive safety footwear trials.

Extremely lightweight and durable for use in the harshest environments. These stylish heavy duty safety boots combine technology with sturdy fitting comfort. Both safety boots styles have been tested on performance, quality, and suitability by members of Bold as Brass.

Individuals trialling both styles of safety boots across a range of heavy industry sites around the UK confirmed they are fit for purpose.
Best of all, they all agreed the new styles are destined to improve women’s health, safety, and wellbeing.

Introducing the Hurricane BOA safety boot, designed by ‘women for women’, who work in heavy industry sectors.

RF720 Hurricane:
* Nubuck Uppers
* Colour Stone
* Activ-Tex Waterproof Membrane
* BOA Fit System
* FORCE10 Durability Components
* Activ-Step Footbed Technology
* UK Size 2-9

The Hurricane BOA Safety boots are worksite inspired, fully tested in quarry environments, on construction sites, across heavy industry facilities, and engineering sectors.

Introducing the Carbon safety boot, inspired safety footwear designed exclusively for ‘women by women’ who work in production environments.

RF725 Carbon:
* Leather Uppers
* Colour Black
* Activ-Tex Waterproof Membrane
* FORCE10 Durability Components
* Activ-Step Footbed Technology
* UK Size 2-9

The Carbon Safety boots are worksite inspired for industries with large and heavy machinery, production processes, construction and infrastructure, machine tools and manufacturing environments.

Pre-order for early Spring 2024
Call. 01773 608616 E.

Rock Fall UK, Safety Footwear Specialist business from Derbyshire, Named as one of the 50 Fastest Growing Company on the Midlands and East of England

Derbyshire, UK — 9th November 2023 — Rock Fall UK, a company operating in the safety footwear industry, has been recognised as one of the 50 fastest-growing business in the Mid-lands and East of England. This is part of the Fast Growth 50 index for 2023, which identifies the fifty fastest-growing companies across six nations and regions, including the Midlands and East of England. This achievement underlines Rock Fall's significant impact on the Midlands and East of England's economy and its capacity for growth and innovation.

About the Fast Growth 50

The Fast Growth 50 is an annual index that identifies the top 50 fastest-growing companies in six nations and regions, including the Midlands and East of England. This year's index for the Midlands and East of England has highlighted businesses from multiple sectors that together generated a turnover of £3.2 billion, at an average growth rate of 202 percent, with the creation of over 5,267 jobs last year.

Role in the Midlands and East of England's Business Scene.

Being part of the Fast Growth 50, Rock Fall UK has shown strong performance and made a positive contribution to the Midlands and East of England’s business community.

Professor Dylan Jones-Evans OBE, Founder Fast Growth 50 said:

“”The UK Fast Growth 50 Index demonstrates that a small number of fast growth firms Rock Fall UK make a substantial contribution to the UK’s economic landscape, providing real examples of how innovation, enterprise and sheer hard work can make a real difference in all sectors from construction to financial services to technology.

Their incredible growth during difficult times shows that through generating wealth and jobs in their local communities, entrepreneurship is the cornerstone of regional and national prosperity. Most important of all, their success stories demonstrate the impact of ambition and adaptability, providing a blueprint for sustainable growth that will hopefully inspire others to follow a similar journey.”

This year’s Fast Growth 50 Midlands and East of England list is in partnership with UBS, the world’s leading and truly global wealth manager.

Mark Goddard, Head of UK Regions at UBS Global Wealth Management said:

“Business owners and entrepreneurs are the engine of our economy, and UBS has a long his-tory advising and connecting them on each stage of their wealth journey, helping them to unlock their potential. Led by entrepreneurial spirit and often solving some of the UK’s biggest issues, the level of talent and innovation uncovered through this year’s list shows that more needs to be done to support small businesses to strengthen local economies and give back to the local community. As the lead sponsor of this year’s Fast Growth 50, UBS is looking for-ward to following and supporting these businesses as they go from strength to strength.”

Quote from Company Director

"This is a fantastic achievement for the business and the team who work tirelessly behind the scenes," says Richard Noon, Company Director at Rock Fall UK. "Being part of this index is not just an honour but a testament to our team's hard work and dedication. It’s an amazing recognition as we continue to contribute to the Midlands and East of England's vibrant business landscape.”

Contribution to Growth and Job Creation
During 2020 to 2022, Rock Fall UK was instrumental in the Fast Growth 50’s collective turnover increase of £2.1 billion, also creating ten new jobs. This highlights the company's role in the Midlands and East of England’s economic growth, particularly post-COVID-19.

Diverse Range of Businesses

The Fast Growth 50 features companies from various sectors, adding to the diversity of the Midlands and East of England’s economy. Rock Fall UK, with its focus in the Safety Footwear industry, is part of this varied business landscape.

What’s Next for Rock Fall UK

Looking forward, we have plans in place to bring the manufacturing process of our safety footwear back to the UK on a large scale. We are committed to investment in digital technologies, currently we are looking at a £2m robotic manufacturing process that will improve productivity
Women’s Safety Protection Footwear

Finding safety footwear that fits a woman’s foot is one of the fundamental issues raised by women.

If you work in heavy industry, logistics, freight, manufacturing, or agricultural environments, adhering to health and safety guidelines is paramount.

Because we understand that having a good pair of sturdy workplace safety footwear, is an essential part of everyday personal protective workwear (PPE). The development team at Rock Fall have produced a comprehensive range of safety boots and trainers. Combining fiberglass toecaps with composite midsole protection, this range of safety footwear is lightweight, developed using a female fitting, UK sized 3-8 (whole size) for a perfect fit, protection, and comfort.

And the best news is, retailers across the UK now stock the full range of women’s safety footwear styles by Rock Fall.

Choose from boots with ankle support, work trainers or Chelsea boots.

Let’s take a look at the full range of women’s safety protection footwear by Rock Fall UK. –

? Iris / RF3300

The Iris is 100% non-metallic boot. Developed with specialist durable material including a solid nitrile rubber outsole. The iris is the only internal metatarsal boot on the market exclusively for women.

Upper material – LWG water repellent waxy full grain leather.

Protective Components – Fiberglass toecap, composite anti-penetration flexi-midsole and impact Shield metatarsal guard.

Lining Materials – Moisture wicking breathable 100% post-consumer recycled polyester.

Outsole – Active-Step shock absorbing Nitrile rubber outsole.

Footbed – Activ-Step Anti-fatigue recycled polyester and PU footbed.

? Ruby / RF951

The Ruby is comfortable, lightweight slender fitting Chelsea boot. 100% non-metallic, the Ruby Chelsea boot is developed with specialist durable materials including shock absorption EVA, PU, and nitrate rubber outsole.

Upper Material – Water repellent full grain waxy brown leather.

Protective Components – Fiberglass toecap and composite anti-penetration flexi-midsole.

Lining Materials – 100% post-consumer recycled polyester.

Scuff Cap and Outsole – Shock absorbing EVA nitrile rubber outsole.

Footbed – Activ-Step 81% pre consumer recycled foam and 100% post-consumer recycled top mesh.

? Tanzanite / RF952

The Tanzanite is comfortable, lightweight, slender fit, rugged work boot. 100% non-metallic, developed with specialist durable materials including an Activ-Tex waterproof membrane, shock absorption EVA, PU, and nitrate rubber outsole.

Upper Material – Water repellent full grain waxy tan leather.

Protective Components – Fiberglass toecap and composite anti-penetration flexi-midsole.

Lining Materials – Activ-Tex moisture wicking breathable membrane and lining made with 60% post-consumer recycle content tested for 8hours (5 times longer than standard).

Scuff Cap and Outsole – Shock absorbing PU, EVA, and nitrile rubber outsole.

Footbed – Activ-Step, 87% per-consumer recycled foam and 100% post-consumer recycled top mesh footbed.

Labels and Laces – made with 100% recycled post-consumer polyester.

? Sapphire / RF953

The Sapphire is a feature filled groundbreaking boot that has been designed to be sustainable to its core. Its breathtakingly lightweight and showcased in fantastic denim leather.

Upper material – LWG certified water repellent denim leather.

Protective Components – Fiberglass toecap and composite anti-penetration flexi-midsole.

Lining Materials – 60% recycled plastic bottle Activ-Tex® waterproof and breathable membrane.
Tested for 8hours (5 times longer than standard).

Scuff Cap and Outsole – Shock absorbing nitrile rubber outsole.

Footbed – Activ-Step® recycled breathable footbed.

? Onyx (black) / VX950A

The Onyx Black is a water-resistant full grain black leather ankle boot. 100% non-metallic, comfortable, and lightweight. This slender cut work boot is designed for a better fit.

Upper Material – polishable water repellent full grain black leather.

Protective Components – Fiberglass toecap and composite anti-penetration flexi-midsole.
Lining Materials – Activ-Tex waterproof and breathable membrane. Tested for 8hours (5 times longer than standard).

Scuff Cap and Outsole – Shock absorbing nitrile rubber outsole.

Footbed – Anti-fatigue EVA footbed.

? Onyx (honey) / VX950C

The Onyx Honey is a water repellent honey nubuck. 100% non-metallic, comfortable, and lightweight. This slender cut work boot is designed for a better fit.

Upper Material – Water repellent honey nubuck.

Protective Components – Fiberglass toecap and composite anti-penetration flexi-midsole.

Lining Materials – Activ-Tex waterproof and breathable membrane and lining made with 60% recycled content. Tested for 8hours (5 times longer than standard).

Scuff Cap and Outsole – Shock absorbing nitrile rubber outsole.

Footbed – Anti-fatigue EVA footbed.

? Pe

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