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Plant Inspection compliance software


workMule can dramatically reduce the cost of your inspections. The App allows you to create an audit trail for the safety of your business and workforce thus providing a simple way to record inspection details directly without having to fill in multiple paper forms.

The inspection app market is cluttered with a confusing range of apps, most of which are too complicated for your workforce. The result? Inspections take longer than required with increased frustration leading to downtime and reduced compliance.

workMule has been specifically designed to help you manage Plant & Work Equipment Inspections easily and effectively. It’s intuitive, practical and easy to use.


workMule's Vehicle Inspection has many features including:
  • Easy to download and use with Android & Apple Devices
  • Quickly view inspection compliance score at a glance
  • Compliant with PUWER & LOLER Regulations
  • Upload & store PUWER, LOLER & Service history documentation
  • Receive alerts for expired regulatory documents
  • Ready to use with 90+ plant types
  • Fully customisable inspection checklists
  • Real time defect reporting & management
  • GPS location of inspections recorded
  • Record inspections with limited or no internet connection
  • Manage owned & hired work plant machines
  • Manage owned & hired vehicles


In 2021, workMule International Ltd was launched to address the safety issues plaguing the construction industry. The team, built by Anthony Anderson, Nigel Carr, and Paul Francis, have over 60 years of experience in the construction industry and have seen first-hand the devastating consequences of workplace accidents.

Our team recognized the need for an easier way to carry out safety inspections on plant machines and vehicles. We saw an opportunity to make a significant contribution to improving safety across a wide range of industries by developing an app that would make safety inspections easier and more accessible for operators, management, business owners & all other stakeholders.

Over the course of three years, our team worked tirelessly on developing the app; rigorously testing it with our construction partners within the civil & plant-hire industry. We continuously work with our partners to gather feedback, refine the app and add more features. In 2022 we had the App independently tested in line with our quality assurance process and ISO target.

Since our launch, our system has been widely recognized as an effective solution for managing safety inspections on plant machines and vehicles. Our team's experience and dedication to improving safety in the work place continues to drive our passion, and we remain committed to making a significant contribution to improving safety across many industries.

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Pushing Boundaries in the Sahara Desert

workMule, a leading provider of innovative inspection solutions, is proud to announce a successful field test of its offline functionality in one of the most challenging environments – the Sahara Desert.

Anthony Anderson, a dedicated Director at workMule, embarked on an extraordinary journey to test the capabilities of the workMule inspection app in remote and offline conditions.

Anthony's adventure began with a 3.5-hour flight, followed by a gruelling 9-hour car journey, and ultimately, a two-hour camel ride deep into the heart of the Sahara Desert in Morocco, North Africa.

Equipped with nothing but a toy Volvo excavator adorned with the distinctive workMule sticker, Anthony aimed to put the workMule inspection app through its paces in a real-world, off-the-grid scenario.

Amid the vast sand dunes, Anthony opened the workMule app and scanned the QR sticker attached to the toy excavator. Almost instantly, the asset inspection interface appeared, allowing Anthony to complete a pre-use inspection seamlessly.

Despite the challenging conditions, the app flawlessly stored the inspection data until he returned to civilization.

Upon arriving in Marrakesh, Anthony accessed the workMule app and was presented with the option to sync his offline data.

In a matter of seconds, the inspection data, gathered in the heart of the Sahara, seamlessly integrated with the workMule backOffice, showcasing the robustness and reliability of the app's offline functionality.

"This field test in the Sahara Desert was an incredible journey, pushing the boundaries of what our inspection app can achieve in the most challenging environments"
The successful synchronization of inspection data from such a remote location demonstrates the resilience and effectiveness of the WorkMule app in real-world, offline scenarios."
said Anthony Anderson, Director at workMule.

workMule remains committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower users to conduct inspections with ease, whilst saving time and money, even in the most extreme conditions.

The successful field test in the Sahara Desert is a testament to workMule's dedication to innovation and the development of robust tools for professionals across industries.

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