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First Floor Office
5 Bartholomews
East Sussex

About Capja Limited

Capja: Imagination, Deliver Evolution
We offer tailored, digital solutions designed to replace manual paper-based processes, saving you time, money, and hassle.

Why Choose Capja?
We're not just a software provider; we're your digital transformation partner. With over 15 years of experience in the digital arena, we understand the challenges you face and offer solutions that are both innovative and practical.

Talk to us about:

  • Effortless Document Management with CapjaDocs

    Struggling with lost or outdated documents? CapjaDocs offers a QR code-based system that provides instant access to the latest versions of your fleet, certification, project, or employee documentation. Say goodbye to tattered, stained paper relics and hello to streamlined, efficient document management.

  • Streamlined Asset Management with AssetCapja

    AssetCapja serves as your comprehensive tackle register and LOLER/CA1 Cert generator. Easily track, manage, and maintain your assets, from machinery to equipment and tools. Eliminate human error and enhance operational efficiency with our QR/NFC/RFID tagging systems.

  • Automate Forms and Checks with CapjaForms

    Still relying on paper forms for timesheets and checks? CapjaForms allows plant-hire companies to digitise and automate these processes through a mobile app. Capture on-site information effortlessly and reduce all the manual administration work that usually holds companies hostage.

  • Efficient Document Creation with DocBuilder

    Generate RAMS documents in a fraction of the time. DocBuilder streamlines the document creation process, offering a quick and easy way to include CAD drawings and other essential elements without the hassle of formatting issues.

Our Solutions

For more information, please feel free to Contact us.

Reviews & Testimonials for Capja Limited

5 star review
November 22, 2023
"CapjaDocs has been a game-changer for us, eliminating idle time and reducing health and safety risks by making essential documents easily accessible.
It's incredibly user-friendly and has saved us both time and money"
Alex Elphick, Operations Manager
Testimonial by
Dewsbury & Proud
5 star review
November 01, 2023
"It's a no brainer for me, our trucks always have the current paperwork at hand ready to show on site.
With the ability to email straight over removes the need for any copying of certs.
It's a fantastic product & very well received on-site."
Phill Holmes
Testimonial by
D&G Noble
5 star review
October 27, 2023
"CapjaDocs has quickly streamlined our document management and compliance, while also reducing our environmental footprint. Our clients love the transparency, and we see endless potential for its use."
Mark Rafferty, Managing Director
Testimonial by
Bernard Hunter
5 star review
July 24, 2023
"The impact of CapjaDocs on our business has been substantial.
By using secure QR codes on our ID cards, we've managed to offer immediate access to essential documents while maintaining the utmost security.
It's a game-changer for the crane hire industry!"
Kieran McGovern, Director
Testimonial by
E.J. McGovern Crane Hire
5 star review
February 23, 2023
"We and our clients are very happy with Capja's QR solution Even the ISO auditors were impressed with the enhancement to our operations from this solution!"
Phil Coggin - Operations Director
Testimonial by
5 star review
February 11, 2022
"This solution is winning us business, it is so simple and easy to manage."
Lee Robinson, Director
Testimonial by
City Lifting
5 star review
January 10, 2022
"Great product!
Ideal for updating certification without the need to
Convenient for the customer, no more copying, just scan and view documentation instantly."
Tim Williams, Director
Testimonial by
Lee Lifting Services
Capja Limited. 5 out of 5 based on 7 ratings.



Are Digital Machine User Manuals Illegal?

???? Are Digital Machine User Manuals Illegal? ????

Discover how the EU's Machinery Regulation and UK laws support the shift from paper to digital user manuals. Learn about key compliance requirements and best practices to ensure your machinery documentation meets legal standards while embracing the benefits of digital formats.

#MachinerySafety #DigitalTransformation #Compliance #UserManuals #QRCodes

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Meet Capja in April at ScotPlant 2024 & INTERMAT Paris 2024!

Join Us at ScotPlant 2024 on Friday, 26th & Saturday, 27th April 2024, at the Royal Highland Centre. We’re exhibiting on stand C2.

We’ll be highlighting the innovative outcomes of our two Innovate UK awards!

Catch Us at INTERMAT Paris 2024 We're also visiting INTERMAT Paris 2024, on the 24th & 25th (event is on to the 27th April) at Paris Nord Villepinte. Interested in meeting up? Let's make it happen!

ScotPlant and INTERMAT Paris are fantastic opportunities to explore the latest in construction technology and innovation. Don't miss out!

For more details, visit our website: Join Capja at ScotPlant 2024 & INTERMAT Paris 2024 This Month!

Lifting Tackle. Moving Away from Paper? Here's Your Guide!

Looking to streamline your asset management but stuck in a paper trail? We've got you covered with essential tips to shift from manual to digital effortlessly.

  • 1 Start simple with digital spreadsheets - an easy first step to get organised.

  • 2 Explore the efficiency of using tags for quick asset identification.

  • 3 Discover how digital solutions like AssetCapja can save time and reduce errors.

Embrace the change today for a more efficient tomorrow!

Check out our latest guide for more tips on making the switch.

This is how you can link QR codes to your certs and documents

🚀 Ready to revolutionise your asset docs?

Discover "3 Effective Ways to Link QR Codes to Fleet User Manuals and Certificates"! Our latest article dives into innovative methods to simplify access to crucial documents using QR technology.

Say goodbye to paper clutter and hello to efficiency! ✨📱

Read more here: 3 Effective Ways to Link QR Codes to Fleet User Manuals and Certificates | Capja

#FleetManagement #QRCodeInnovation #DigitalSolutions

5 Years of Innovation, Challenges, and Resilience: Our Unfiltered Journey

As we celebrate our 5th anniversary at Capja, we're taking a candid look back at our rollercoaster journey. It's been a ride of immense growth, unexpected turns, and yes, a fair share of growing pains.

From the early days of navigating the complexities of the lifting & plant hire industry, to adapting through the unforeseen challenges of a global pandemic, our story isn't just about success; it's about resilience, learning, and relentless innovation.

Join us in this (probably too honest) reflection of our path. We're talking about the real struggles, the victories, and the invaluable lessons learned along the way. It's a tale of how challenges shaped us, our technology, and our vision for the future.

Discover the partnerships that powered us, the obstacles that tested us, and the breakthroughs that have set us apart.

Here's to the journey that's made us who we are today, and to the many more years of innovation ahead!

Exciting News from Capja!

We're delighted to unveil our brand-new website – a beacon of innovation in the plant-hire market. It's not just a makeover; it's a complete reimagining of how you interact with our software solutions. ???

?? With an integrated online shop, you can now sign up for CapjaDocs, book live demos at your convenience, and even enjoy a trial run of our products. It's all about giving you the power and flexibility you need, right at your fingertips.

?? We've fine-tuned the engine behind CapjaDocs for a seamless automated billing experience, all managed from a central dashboard that's as cool as it is efficient.

?? And remember, we're still all about the human touch. We're here to support, not to overshadow.

A huge shout-out to Nosy.Agency for their incredible work on the website! ??

Dive into our new digital space, read about our journey, and see how we're gearing up to serve you better than ever before. Check out the full story here:

#Capja #NewWebsite #Innovation #PlantHireSoftware #DigitalTransformation

D&G Noble Revolutionising Fleet Documentation!

Discover how D&G Noble transformed their operations with CapjaDocs.

Say goodbye to paperwork hassles and hello to digital efficiency! ????

Read their success story here

#FleetDocuments #QRCodes #DigitalTransformation #Innovation

This Is How Bernard Hunter Is Redefining Industry Standards with CapjaDocs!

?? This Is How Bernard Hunter Is Redefining Industry Standards with CapjaDocs
Find out about the story here

Capja's DocBuilder: A Future with Streamlined RAMS Creation – Seeking Your Interest

🚧 Risk Assessments and Method Statements 🚧

Capja is on the brink of innovation with our DocBuilder software, and we need your input! 🔧💡

We're considering adding a revolutionary RAMS calendar feature to DocBuilder, designed to make your site visits and document management as smooth as silk. But before we forge ahead, we want to know if this is something you'd be excited about!

📆 Imagine a world where scheduling conflicts are a thing of the past, where every AP has complete visibility over their week, and where audits are a breeze. That's the world we're aiming to build with your help.

🤔 Interested in a more streamlined, efficient way to manage your RAMS documents? Let us know!

👉 Dive into the details and share your thoughts here:

Your feedback is invaluable – help us shape the future of DocBuilder to fit your needs perfectly.

#Capja #RAMS #Innovation #ConstructionTech

Elevating Efficiency: Dewsbury & Proud's Journey with CapjaDocs

Discover how Dewsbury & Proud revolutionised their document management and took safety and efficiency to new heights with CapjaDocs. Say goodbye to paper trails and hello to the future of crane operations!

Read their story here:
Elevating Efficiency: Dewsbury & Proud's Journey with CapjaDocs
CPA Conference

Join Capja at the CPA Conference 2023 on Nov 9th! Let's dive into the future of AI and QR codes in the plant-hire industry. Don't miss out on game-changing discussions.
#CPAConference2023 #PlantHire #AI #QRcodes

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