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Chloe Fellows
21 Bagehott Road
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About Haze Environmental Ltd

I'm Chloe Fellows, an experienced environmental consultant and Director of Haze Environmental Ltd. I am an air quality consultant with over 14 years' experience in the field of air quality assessments, air quality monitoring, odour and dust assessments and draw on knowledge and expertise from a range of project backgrounds enabling me to deliver a variety of air quality services for a wide range of clients. I am also a member of the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Institute of Air Quality Management.

I launched my own consultancy in September 2020 with the goal of providing a personal environmental service to clients that share my enthusiasm for efficient delivery of professional services. Haze Environmental Ltd is an independent professional environmental consultancy which specialises in air quality and odour services.

For now it is a small practice - in fact just me - and that's a deliberate choice of mine as it allows me to work without the financial and managerial pressures of running a larger consultancy. As a result, hopefully my clients will feel they get a better service and a better quality end product. I can support my clients throughout the development process, and am keen to provide innovative solutions not just for the short-term but long-term too.

Based in Worcestershire, I am able to provide client support both locally and UK nationwide.

  • Air Quality Assessments
    Haze Environmental can produce robust air quality assessments to meet your specific needs. We are able to assess the impacts of emissions from a variety of sources including roads, mixed use developments and energy from waste.

  • Odour Assessments
    Experienced consultants in the field of odour assessments and monitoring, we are able to support with planning, appeals and permitting.

  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments
    Here at Haze Environmental, our air quality and odour specialists are able to provide support for a range of indoor air quality services.

  • Air Quality Monitoring
    Haze Environmental are able to design and implement both ambient and indoor air quality monitoring surveys. Our air quality and odour specialists are also skilled at managing stakeholder engagement and consultation.

  • Air Quality Modelling
    Utilising the ADMS Suite of modelling software, our air quality and odour specialists are able to effectively model existing and future air quality.

  • Dust Management
    Experienced consultants in the field of dust management and control, Haze Environmental are able to produce robust dust risk assessments and management plans, incorporating monitoring where required.

  • Permit Applications
    Haze Environmental have experience assessing a variety of impacts and are able to support your Environment Agency permit applications.
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Odour Assessments dover

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