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Unit 1 Northmoor Industrial Estate
Moor Street
West Midlands

About Barrier Mart - Armco Barriers

With over 30 years of experience we have become one of the front-runners of today's UK barriers industry.

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Best Prices Guaranteed. Account options available for Local Authorities and regular users, call us for details.

Protection & Security Products
Supplying the UK with crash barriers and other protection & safety products including handrails, barriers, guards, fencing, gates, bollards and much, much more.

Commercial Projects
  • Consultancy
  • Design
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Nationwide Installation
Everything’s manufactured in house, and we have years of experience and expertise so someone will always be on hand to discuss your requirements.

  • Crash Barrier
  • Handrail
  • Bollards
  • Surface Mounted
  • Cast In Bollards
  • Column & Corner Protection
  • Traffic Control
For more information please call 0121 520 9400 or feel free to Contact us on our website.

Reviews & Testimonials for Barrier Mart - Armco Barriers

5 star review
October 15, 2021
I am very happy with the crash protection system provided by Compass for my property. Their barrier products have proven themselves to be great quality and my gratitude goes to the team for helping me. I would recommend them without a second thought.
Just search online for Armco Barrier Suppliers West Midlands
Review by
Andre Comoli
5 star review
April 22, 2021
We had heard from other businesses in the area of Barrier Marts excellent service and thought we would give them a try. Well - this company does not disappoint. Their products were the high quality promised and the service received was spectacular. We will definitely be using Barrier Mart in the future if we require any additional barriers. Armco Barrier Suppliers in the West Midlands.
Testimonial by
Anna Holden
5 star review
February 05, 2021
I have purchased a few barriers through Barrier Mart and on every single occasion, they have been perfect. The items have done exactly as needed and the people I have spoken to have put up with me and been patient with my questions making sure I got precisely what I needed to that I had the right protection required. It is nice to work with a company that cares and I would recommend Compass without a doubt.
Testimonial by
Shawn Jenkins
Barrier Mart - Armco Barriers. 5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings.


Armco Barrier Suppliers UK

Compass Protection began trading with a very specific ideal in mind.

Our goal was to provide specialist vehicle protection with our armco barrier products for use in many different settings. This includes Armco barriers as well as handrails and corner guards. What makes these creations special is that we can adapt them to suit various needs. In addition, we ensure they are great quality.
Armco Barrier Suppliers London.

Car parks can be very dangerous locations when they lack the right kind of barriers. There is heavy movement here from both pedestrians and vehicles. It is not uncommon to see bright car paint smears on car park barriers, columns, and walls. The reason why is that vehicles have to manoeuvre into tight, small spaces. By nature, the sites are typically dimly lit and dark.
What type of post should I use?

The type of post and the centres they are set at, should be selected to suit the level of protection required and the frequency / severity of impact that you might expect in a given situation.

Whether you choose 3.2M , 1.6M or 800mm centres for Armco Barriers or 2.4m, 1.6m, 1.2m or 800mm centres for OBB obviously affects the rigidity of the system and the amount of deflection of the beam under impact, likewise the post section has a similar effect.

If you or your insurer requires the finished barrier to be BS6180 or BS6399 Pt1 compliant, then your choice should be RSJ or spring posts set at 1600mm centres. An Armco or OBB barrier with this post configuration is tested and proven to co comply with the requirements of the standards to contain a 1500kg car, traveling at 10mph and impacting at 90° to the barrier, which is installed at a height of 445mm to the centre line (the recommended height for car parks). In the case of the RSJ posts this is achieved with minimum residual deflection, ie the posts are not left visibly bent, but it is recommended that after a known impact that the section should be replaced.

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Where can I buy a Crash Barrier?

There are so many different kinds of Armco Crash Barrier designed for different applications that it can be confusing as to what you need for your situation. Armco Barriers. Even expert specifiers often specify a Highway system designed for high speed glancing impacts when they really need one for low speed 90° impacts. Compass Protection Manufacturing Ltd have a wide knowledge of all types of Crash Barriers and can offer solid advice as to what best suits your needs, even if that is a product that we don’t supply we can point you in the right direction of where to look. Armco Barriers. Compass Protection Manufacturing Ltd. Bollards West Midlands.
How does a Crash Barrier work?

Crash Barriers work by absorbing the forces of an impact with a vehicle and transferring the load to the Crash Barrier. Armco Barriers. Some systems use a strong, more rigid posts to transfer the load to the posts as well as the horizontal beams so they do not deflect so much under impact. Armco Crash Barriers. Other types use weaker posts that give way and the load is mainly transferred to the horizontal beam meaning it deflects more but is safer for the occupants of the vehicle. Armco Barriers
How to use a Crash Barrier?

Crash Barriers are used on Highways for opposite direction carriageway separation and around static objects with the potential for devastating collisions, such as overbridge structures. Crash barriers are used in other situations such as industrial sites for separation of people and property from moving vehicles such as forklift trucks. We are Armco Crash Barrier Suppliers in Midlands. Safety Bollard Suppliers.
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