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Aymer Skips Limited

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Leo Guarrasi
Robbs Nursery
Spout Lane North
TW19 6BW
England UK

About Aymer Skips Limited

Aymer Skip Hire are a local, family run skip hire business that has been trading and providing skip hire in Surrey for over 30 years. We have a large recycling facility based in Staines that has been in our family for generations. Originally specialising in mini skips, our company rapidly grew through word of mouth and customer recommendations, which led us to branch out into providing both midi, maxi and 6 yard skip hire.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for always providing excellent customer service and making sure you get the skips you want when you need them. As a local business with local values, we believe value for money is very important, which is why we rent our skips at some of the most competitive prices in Surrey – please contact us and ask about our price match guarantee.

As a business, we’ve invested heavily in developing innovative waste management solutions to help our customers reduce the impact of their activities on the environment. We’re committed to maximising the recovery of reusable materials and minimising the volume sent to landfill. We invested in a top-of-the-range materials recovery facility (MRF) as part of our commitment to improving the environmental impact of waste management, and currently recycle upwards of 90% of all waste brought back to our facility.

Aymer Skip Hire are committed to ensuring the waste collected from your property is transported, tipped, processed and recycled in an environmentally friendly and ethical way.

When your skip arrives at our Robbs Nursery Recycling Centre, the contents are inspected. If the material in the skip has been segregated at source and for example is 100%; inert, wood, greenwaste, cardboard or plasterboard etc then that material will be tipped in the designated bay for that type of segregated waste. This material will be further processed and recycled separately before being sent off to end markets.

If it’s a mixed skip, the skip is taken to the designated recycling centre where it is tipped for further sorting. The staff use excavators and material handlers with selector grabs to remove the large pieces of recyclable items from the waste ie metal, wood etc and this material is put into separate bays for processing and recycling. The remaining mixed waste is then put through a very extensive MRF process. The process uses a feeder and many conveyors to enable the material to pass through screens, magnets, air density separators, and a picking station, to enable us to separate the waste into the separate waste streams for recycling. These separate waste streams include; ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, soils, wood, aggregate, plastic, RDF and SRF.

Waste Recycling
As a company we recycle up to 99.% of everything that comes into our site, and around 10-15% of the 99% is RDF (refuse derived fuel) i.e. material that is taken away to be burned to be used for fuel that will produce heat and electricity.
We can issue a monthly waste report which shows the breakdown of all waste that comes in from a particular site, breaking down materials by type i.e. aggregate, plasterboard wood, plastic, batteries, etc.

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