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Jack Pleavin
Unit 3, Thursby Road
Woodway Court
CH62 3PR

About Pleavin Power Limited

Pleavin Power Limited is one of the UK’s Leading Power Generation Service providers that has been delivering unrivalled service for over 4 years. We sell, rent, provide parts and service for equipment and engines to customers in various industries including Hospitals, Data-Centres, Prime Power end-users and a wide range of Critical, Prime and Standby power systems applications.

With our broad product support infrastructure and unmatched service capabilities, we deliver services that enable customers to achieve the lowest operating costs while maximizing uptime and minimising equipment downtime. As a business we a proud to be:
  • Committed to delivering service excellence across the UK and international markets.
  • Provide unrivalled service to a diverse range of industrial markets, such as oil & gas, electric power, marine, industrial applications, and CHP operations.
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our Customer Support Centre wherever our customers are working at anytime of day.

Generator Servicing
Pleavin Power can work with you to develop a bespoke planned maintenance regime and sampling process that allows you to monitor engine wear and predict overhaul intervals minimising downtime and premature failures.

Generator Repairs
Generators come in all different shapes and sizes and can run on a wide variety of fuel types which can include Diesel, Gas, Biofuel and HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil). Unless maintained correctly they can fail when you least expect and cause immeasurable amounts of business disruption.

Emergency Power Supply
Reactive Response is exactly as it reads it is a unique offering developed, built, and operated by Pleavin Power Limited and is available to clients in the Critical Power, Standby Power & Prime Power Sectors. Reactive means this service operates on the basis it is ready when you are and its response from some of our most experienced and committed Technical Engineers.

Engine Reconditioning, Overhauls & Repairs
For engines that have reached their overhaul hours Pleavin Power offer a complete reconditioning service where we can ‘Zero Hour’ all components and accessories to like new condition before commissioning and placing the system back in service.

Alternator Overhauls, Repairs and Rewinds
During a generator’s operational life, it will require intervention to maintain performance and mechanical integrity. The generators operating environment can have a detrimental effect on insulation resistance if it is to become contaminated with airborne debris and moisture and in worst case scenarios cause total winding failure.

UPS Sales, Servicing, Installation & Repairs
A UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply is designed to bridge the gap between the loss of a primary grid supply or generation source allowing time for your systems to either shut down or support the time it takes for a generator to take load or mains electricity to return, the system will be designed to work in conjunction with your automatic transfer switch and standby generation assets.

Diesel Generator Relocation
Pleavin Power have developed a unique diesel generator relocation service which will help to reduce the hassle of relocation as your business grows, moves and scales. The combination of our experienced engineers, Technical Engineering Team and a modern, dedicated transport fleet means that should a client require the relocation of an existing generator and ancillary systems we are ready to complete the removal, relocation, installation and commissioning efficiently.

Diesel Generator Fuel Polishing & Diesel Defence Systems
Pleavin Power offers a wide range of diesel generator fuel polishing services which aims to remove all contaminants from the fuel, returning it to its former state and bringing it back into operational ISO specification.

Generator Remote Monitoring
Remotely monitoring the operation of a diesel generator power system can help to reduce downtime and inefficient operation, this is done via our manned 24/7 365 Customer Support Centre using the very latest telemetry systems, we can remotely monitor the operation of a generator while operating in any application or unmanned location.

Generated & Distributed Power Quality Surveys
Our team use a combination of their extensive experience and the latest technology to conduct intrusive power quality studies, this can include localised equipment investigation through to site wide power studies to identify key areas of concern and areas in which significant improvements can be made.

With the need for constant power and an ever-increasing requirement, an out of commission generator or the failure of the mains power supply, can develop into a major situation. To help avoid a crisis, we have established a large rental fleet of sound attenuated, diesel generators, from 30kVA to 1600 kVA, with internal 8-hour fuel tanks.


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