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Johnny Grinham
Kemp house, 160 city road

About Pestcure ltd

At Pestcure, we aim to be your first choice for pest control. Our technicians are experts in their field and are trained to BPCA standards (British Pest Control Association) which is the industry's official organisation. As a family run business, our clients receive a more personalised service with attention to the very smallest of details. We go the extra mile for every single one of our customers as your satisfaction & safety is our number one priority.

Pest Control Near Me?
At Pestcure, we understand the need for immediate action. The longer the problem goes untreated, the more you are at risk of potentially life-threatening diseases. This is why we act swiftly and will end the stressful situation that you have found yourself in. No matter where you are in London, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas, we will come to your aid and rid your home of unwanted pests.
  • Fully insured for Public, Products and employer’s liability insurance
  • RSPH/BPCA Level 2 Award in Pest Management Technicians
Mice Control In London
Our London based technicians are experts in rodent control and will get rid of mice by mouse proofing your property preventing entry to your home or business, A mouse infestation can be a real nuisance, our best advice would be to deal with the problem quickly as they can spread fast.

We use various techniques such as proofing, poison, air rifle, traps, cameras, bait boxes. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us, all our treatments come with a guarantee providing you follow guidelines, our team have great knowledge in assisting with mice removal, experts in dealing with pest problems.

Rats fall into the broad category of rodents and share many characteristics with other rodent mammals such as mice, squirrels and voles. Rodents are distinguished from other mammals by the exclusive nature of their teeth that continuously grow, resulting in constant gnawing.

We will identify the species of the intruding rats, determine the most cost-effective way to get them out of your home and then undertake a solution to keep them from returning. Eviction is guaranteed.

Squirrel Control
Squirrels become a problem when they nest in lofts as they become territorial and will act fiercely if removal is attempted. They are very clever at burrowing through any blocked entry points you have tried to implement and usually gain re-entry.

Pestcure will allow you to avoid dealing with any aggression or nasty bites and ensure that your squirrel infestation is solved. We will repair the entry points made by the squirrels and use a range of techniques to prevent re-entry.

We provide fast, effective Squirrel Pest Control Services throughout London and surrounding areas. We offer a professional inspection of your premises.

Bed Bug Control & Treatment
Bed bugs are an extremely common pest and cases are on the rise since foreign travel became so much cheaper. An infestation can leave you and your family feeling extremely vulnerable due to the invasive nature of their bites and the knowledge that your blood is a tasty meal for them.

We will identify bed bug infestations, determine the most cost-effective way to get them out of your home and then undertake a solution to keep them from returning. Eviction is guaranteed.

Carpet Beetles
Holes in carpets, clothes and other soft furnishings are often wrongly mistaken for the damage of moths within the home, however did you know these are actually the number one signs of the common household pest: the carpet beetle? As the name suggests, these small insects love to feast on carpets, but don’t be fooled, they can do irreparable damage to all types of fabrics if left unchecked.

Here we will look at what exactly carpet beetles are, how to recognise the common signs of infestation, how to treat infestations and what further steps you can take to prevent carpet beetles entering your home.

Pigeons have moved into your home or garden! While these birds can look quite lovely from a distance, they spread disease, make a mess, and destroy your property. Your neighbours won’t appreciate their presence, and you can damage your reputation in your community if you let pigeons roost on your property. It’s time for pigeon pest control.

Most people classify them as vermin or call them ‘rats with wings!’ Not only that, but their constant cooing can drive you mad. If pigeons are roosting in your attic, on your roof, or anywhere on your property, you need to get rid of them. Pigeon control London is easier than you think.

Other Services

If you're thinking help I need pest control near me then we've got you covered, our technicians are local, reliable, and always on time.

We cover all of the London postcodes and most of the U.K, excluding Scotland.

Our specialist team are equipped to deal with covid-19 disinfection.

We provide solar panel proofing and protect your panels from unwanted visitors.


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