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John Bradley
WiFi House
Unit 6
OL10 3ER

About Wire & Fiber UK Ltd

Wire & Fiber UK brings a wealth of experience of specialist services, giving our new and existing clients the peace of mind when it comes to protecting their people, property and assets.

We can deliver an array of technical installations including:
  • Fire & Security - integrated or standalone
  • Disabled Refuge
  • CCTV and Access Control
  • Data Infrastructures (Copper & Fibre)
  • Nurse Call systems
  • Panic Assurance solutions
  • ...and many more, just ask!
Fire Alarms and Disabled Refuge
It is still amazing just how many people are unaware of their responsibilities when it comes to Fire safety at work and the legalities and implications that can harm both their business and personal well being.

Unlike fire alarm installations the need for a disabled refuge system or any other facility that is covered within the Equality Act 2010 (Disability) regulations 2010 is dependent on the type and use of a building.

Wire and Fiber UK can provide for all your needs in these areas - from performing a suitable Risk Assessment, to a comprehensive installation based on current legislation and recommendations

CCTV and Access Control
CCTV installations are installed throughout the world, but what really matters is... What are they seeing?

For CCTV to be effective they must have a purpose, specific survey, specific design, specific purpose. We can offer freedom to choose your installation! IP, Analogue, WiFi or over the airways 3/4G it's up to you

Access Control systems are probably the most important solution within the security industry today. They can help with:
  • Preventing unwanted intrusion
  • Managing movement safely around your building
  • Addressing access levels to specific areas
  • Protecting people, buildings and assets
Wire & Fiber UK can provide a complete service for whatever your requirement. Book a free, no obligation consultation & survey

Structured Networks
Quality IT infrastructure is probably the most important business asset next to its employees. In a world that demands instant information, without today's and tomorrows technology, it would be virtually impossible for businesses to survive.

An IT data infrastructure installation is key to receiving, delivering and accessing that vital information for businesses to flourish whether your building is a hospital, office block, airport or school you cannot escape technology and the infrastructure that delivers it. WiFi, Copper or fibre is the backbone to good quality communications.

Additional Services
Wire & Fiber UK has a great deal to offer our existing and new clients. Whilst we pride ourselves on those specialist solutions, we can supply, install, test and commission a number of other solutions such a:
  • Electrical installations
  • Nurse Call Systems
  • Warden Call Systems
  • Communal TV & Satellite Solutions
  • Interlocking Door Systems
  • Electric Barriers & Gates
  • Electrical testing
  • Emergency Lighting Install & Testing
  • Lighting solutions Internal & External
  • Domestic & Commercial Solar Systems
Wire & Fiber UK are here to deliver solutions that are of high quality, cost effective and professionally installed to comply with all industry standards and relevant legislation.


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