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About Stairlifts Reviews

About Stairlifts Reviews
Stairlifts Reviews aim to help people who struggle with the stairs find the right stairlift for their requirements and budget. They provide independent reviews of the leading UK stairlift companies and can offer advice on the all the different types of stairlifts that are available.

If you or a family member are finding it hard to manage the stairs then getting a stairlift can be an affordable solution. Stairlifts are very simple to use and can be installed quickly with minimal disruption.

The team at Stairlifts Reviews have a wealth of experience in the stairlift industry and are more than happy to provide free, unbiased advice. They only recommend buying from verified suppliers that offer both new and reconditioned stairlifts with a full warranty and excellent customer service.

“We'd happily recommend this company."
Christopher Arbery

"An excellent service."
Paul Turnock

"I cannot recommend them enough and will spread the word."
Jackie Lodge

Depending on the type of staircase you have there are a few different options available to you:

Straight Stairlifts
If your staircase has a straight run of steps then a straight stairlift can usually be fitted. A standard track will be used, meaning that the lift can normally be installed very quickly. Straight models also tend to be the cheapest type of stairlift.

Curved Stairlifts
For staircases that have curves or bends on them then a curved model will be required. Curved stairlifts are generally more expensive than their straight counterparts due to the fact that the track has to be custom made to fit your individual staircase. Because of this, these types of stairlift can also take a little longer to install.

Narrow Stairlifts
If the width of your staircase is restricted then fortunately there is a solution. Stairlifts for very narrow staircases are available which offer the perfect solution when a standard model would not be possible to fit.

Outdoor Stairlifts
If you are struggling with the steps in your garden then an outdoor stairlift could be the answer. These highly durable external models are sufficiently robust to handle the British weather and offer additional mobility solutions for an outside space.

Save up to 30% on the Cost of Your Stairlift
Through their extensive network of the leading stairlift manufacturers and independent local suppliers, Stairlifts Reviews guarantee to beat any like for like quote and often save their customers up to 30% on the cost of a stairlift.

They can arrange for you to receive multiple personalised quotes from their trusted partners, so that you can weigh up your options and make the right decision about which stairlift is most suitable for you.

Their website includes a handy online price calculator where you can compare how much a stairlift costs. Simply answer a few questions and then receive your custom guide price in less than 30 seconds.

Getting a stairlift can greatly improve your daily life and give you the freedom to go up and down your stairs in safety and comfort. If you are thinking of buying a stairlift for yourself or a loved one then Stairlifts Reviews can make the process easy and straightforward.

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