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About Mixamate Screed

Operating throughout London, the South East & Yorkshire - Mixamate is the country’s leading provider of mix on-site screed. With a fleet of more than 25 vehicles, we have a range of technology available to meet your screed requirements. And because with Mixamate you only pay for what you lay, there is no waste!

Our all-in-one Screed Pumping Truck was introduced in 2011, and provides the delivery, mixing, and pumping of dry or liquid screed from a single vehicle. This means that you don’t need to hire a separate screed pump anymore, and removes all of the hassle traditionally associated with on-site pumping. Our unique trucks allow us to provide screed pumping services using our flexible rubber hoses, up to 100m away, ideal for basements or multi-storey floors. And of course are great for getting to those hard to reach jobs.

Dry Screed
Mixamate are proud to be innovative leaders in the screed industry. We are well known for having many options for delivery of screed, to include our screed pump trucks, conveyor trucks and also the more traditional methods of mini dumper and barrowing.

Pump Truck - Features & Benefits
  • Delivers, mixes, & pumps screed in one
  • Pre-loaded with all the materials – onboard computer creates the perfect mix
  • Capable of carrying up to 20 tons of screed – will deliver from 2m3 to large quantities
  • Can pump screed up to 120 metres – flexible rubber hoses for quick easy laying
  • Operated by a single driver – no additional labour costs
  • No need for a separate screed pump – Reduces transportation, waiting time and labour
  • Environmentally friendly in reducing CO2 output – helping the environmental footprint
  • Complete service without additional hassle – saves time & money
Liquid Screed
As of October 2017, Mixamate has been supplying Liquid Screed across London. Liquid screed can offer a hassle free, cost-effective alternative to traditional dry screed products.

Liquid Screed is an essential flooring component that is laid on top of concrete and provides a smooth, solid level surface area as a base for the final floor covering. Liquid screed gives a flawless finish, due to it’s free-flowing consistency. This screed is ideal when looking to finish the floor in ‘quick time’ and has many other benefits.

We are proud to say Mixamate have now teamed up with screed manufacturers Longfloor to optimise our liquid screeds with their additive, Integracure.

This liquid cement screed is one of the UK’s leading liquid screed formulas. Mixamate are thrilled to provide the highest standard of liquid screed available on the market today. What’s more, our all-in-one Screed Pumping Truck is capable of the delivery, mixing, and pumping of 10m3 of screed in a single visit from a single vehicle, which greatly reduces the headache associated with these kinds of jobs.

Traditionally, self-compacting concrete and liquid screeds have come with the same limitations. They depend on:
  • The appropriate curing agent being used
  • The right application equipment
  • Ordering from premix the exact amount required

Often, this can be a complicated balance to achieve, but the addition of Integracure removes the need for these steps. This is because, unlike other current liquid cement screeds, it contains an integral curing agent, meaning:
  • No need for additional spray
  • Quicker drying times
  • It’s laitance-free
  • Compatible with all types of primers, grouts and adhesives
  • Can be laid in wet rooms
  • Over 1000M squared can easily be laid in a single visit
  • Ideal for under-floor heating


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