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About Insulation Direct

Insulation Direct Limited is a friendly, family run business established in 2013. We specialise in energy saving insulation measures from standard loft insulation to advanced internal insulation. Insulation Direct is based in Castleford, West Yorkshire which places us in central England. This allows us to reach most parts of the UK. We aim to provide a professional and reliable service to all of our customers which can be seen from our 100% positive reviews.

Insulation Direct undertake a wide range of insulation services at very competitive prices and assist customers to access any available funding from Government ECO schemes. All of our installers are fully qualified and have all the accreditation’s to ensure we give the best possible service and meet all of the latest building regulations.

Here to help you save on your energy bills and reduce your carbon emissions. There are many ways to make your home more energy efficient. Sometimes we overlook the most important home improvements which affect our homes ability to keep heat in. Some improvements can be noticed immediately whereas others can save you money in the long run. You’re in the right place to find a range of ideas that will improve your home’s energy efficiency. We can also offer our customers guidance on how to get free home insulation.

Room in Roof Insulation (Attic Insulation)
Did you know you could be losing up to £2000 on your energy bills due to heat loss? A Room in Roof is typically an attic room on a bungalow or house with a narrow staircase leading to it. Most attics and rooms in the roof are often untouched from the day they were constructed and are either not insulated or inadequately insulated compared to current building regulations. This can leave them too cold in winter and uncomfortably warm in the summer. On some occasions we can offer free Room in Roof Insulation government grants subject to criteria.

Loft Insulation
Did you know you could be losing up to 25% heat loss in your home due to inadequate or no insulation? Now can you imagine what new loft insulation could do for your energy bills? Installing insulation to the latest standards could help you save up to £200 pounds!

Underfloor Insulation
Did you know you could be losing up to 15% heat loss in your home due to inadequate or no underfloor insulation? Now can you imagine what new insulation could do for your energy bills? Want to hear more? Call us today on 01977 801220 or fill in our contact form.

Boiler Funding
Thanks to the government’s energy efficiency goals, people all over the country may be able to have a new boiler installed in their home free of charge or at a heavily discounted rate. Essentially, the newer the boiler, the more efficient it’ll be, so it’s in the government’s best interests that your home is an energy-saving machine!

Conservatory Roof Insulation
Conservatories are a great way of extending your home but wouldn’t it be nice to take the warmth with you? Most tiled conservatories do not hold much insulation in the roof and some hold none. A simple solution to this problem is conservatory roof insulation. A simple but effective barrier placed in between the roof tiles and ceiling that can make your conservatory warm and cosy.

Internal Wall Insulation
Internal wall insulation is a highly effective insulation measure that can make your room feel more comfortable and help you save on your energy bills.

Loft Boarding
Give yourself that extra space in your home with Loft Boarding. Whether you want the extra storage or to convert into a room, we can help.

EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)
In the UK, Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are an essential part of buying, selling and renting homes. As Insulation Direct Ltd is an energy saving company, we can offer you an extended EPC service with advice on what you could do to make your home more energy efficient. Not only can we carry out an EPC, should your property need new or additional insulation services, we can give you advice and competitive prices.

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