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About Sound Zero

Sound Zero offers a comprehensive range of acoustic solutions for residential buildings, industrial premises and public spaces, meeting and exceeding the demands within the Architectural, Interior Design, Hospitality, Office, Health and Education sectors. We care about your listening environment.

In a world of constantly evolving environmental standards, an often-overlooked area of design is in acoustics. The demand for acoustically effective rooms and buildings has never been higher.

Sound Zero offers a comprehensive range of soundproofing acoustic solutions for music studios, residential and commercial buildings, industrial premises, public spaces, and many other specialist areas, providing complete noise control solutions for any environment,

Some noise issues are different to others and the solution depends very much on the situation. Noise is rooted in different sources and can be identified primarily as high frequency, low frequency and impact. It is important to identify the noise types you are dealing with in order to select both the correct acoustic solution and the correct method of installation.

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to acoustic control, but Sound Zero can help you identify the problem areas and offer a comprehensive range of acoustic solutions for noise reduction, soundproofing, and sound treatment.

Our team have years of experience and can help you find the best solution to fit your needs, meeting and exceeding the demands within the Architectural, Interior Design, Hospitality, Office, Health and Education sectors.

Acoustic Products
Blending acoustic comfort with contemporary design, our products will create a strong visual impact in keeping with your required aesthetics.

Acoustic Foams
Our Acoustic Foams provide maximum absorption and sound quality.
  • Anechoic Wedge
  • Egg Profile
  • Hex
  • Pyramid
  • Ridged
Class ‘0’ Acoustic Insulation Foams
A unique composite, compliant in fire safety.
  • Class ‘0’ Panels
  • Class ‘0’ Sheets
Acoustic Recycled Cork Cladding
A versatile material, made from recycled wine bottle corks.
  • Acoustic CorkBee. Line
  • Acoustic CorkBee. Stripe
Acoustic Moss Wall
Bring the outside in with our unique Moss Wall panel. Moss acts as a natural sound absorber, ideal for any busy space, particularly in open-plan areas such as offices, schools, and retail environments. Create an outstanding visual impact whilst combatting those noise concerns caused by bad acoustics.

Acoustic Services

Office Acoustics
Our commercial range of acoustic products are designed to fit within conventional office spaces for ease of installation, making for a more happy, productive workforce. Whether its custom acoustic pods or wall cladding, Sound Zero has the acoustic product for your office.

Commercial Soundproofing
Absorb unwanted noise with our easy to install, fully customisable acoustic panels for walls and ceilings. Our panels are ideal for commercial spaces. Our commercial noise control products can transform any space. Our acoustic panel systems are easily customisable and can be resized and fitted into place with no need to modify existing walls and ceilings.

Critical Listening
Specialists in the design of critical listening environments such as mastering rooms, studio control rooms and voiceover/sync studios. Our acoustics experts regularly consult with studio planners and designers all the way through the development and build stages of a project to ensure the acoustic treatment is applied correctly.

Acoustic Assessment & Installation
Offering integral advice in working towards designing you the ultimate acoustic solution to maximise your rooms acoustic performance.

Domestic Soundproofing
Manufacturers and suppliers of soundproofing, acoustic insulation and sound absorption products for the home.

Rehearsal Rooms
We offer a wide range of retrofit noise control products to control amplified music to create an effective acoustic barrier between pre-existing walls and ceilings.

Sound Stages
We supply sound-stages, on-location acoustic barriers, and green screen compatible absorbent walls to the film industry, designed to keep noise to a controlled area.


How acoustics affect productivity in office environments

Office acoustics refers to the qualities of a room (such as its shape or size) that make it easy or difficult for people inside to hear clearly.

A fully-functioning, productive office requires noise. In fact, the sound of silence can be inhibitive; some would even argue deafening. At the risk of quoting more Simon and Garfunkel, I think we can all establish that an element of noise is necessary to a work environment that fosters creativity and collaboration.

But what happens when your office acoustics start to affect your productivity? Those conversations that catch your unwanted attention; The constant sound of the telephone; the general ‘buzz’ of the workplace. Before you know it, a twenty-minute task becomes an hour-long assignment.

That is when noise affects productivity in office environments…

The pressure to perform
The Wellbeing at Work Study found that 99% of UK employees are expected to be high performing and that 98% of those are also required to display creativity and innovation. Whilst that pressure to perform is high, there is also an expectation for employees to feel relaxed and stress-free.

If these expectations are to be taken seriously, businesses need to provide a culture that supports these expectations, allowing workers to reach their full potential.

Whilst many factors are at play in creating a high-performing, stress-free environment, the purpose of this blog is to highlight the way in which unwanted noise can have a dramatic impact on productivity.

Noise as a psychological stress
Numerous studies have confirmed that noise is an ambient stressor relating to job satisfaction in the workplace and is a primary cause of reduction in productivity.

This can contribute to stress and illness, which, in turn, can also contribute to absenteeism and turnover in staff.

The cost implications of this are clear, with poor mental health across the UK costing employers £30 billion a year.

There can hardly be anything more important than our health and wellbeing. This is also a priority for most employers. A healthy, happy workforce is a key component of a productive, successful business in the long-term.

Office acoustics in an open-plan environment
Creativity and innovation are at the forefront of many businesses’ ethos. Open-plan offices are growing in popularity; they account for a staggering 73% of all offices in the UK!

The popularity in open-plan style has been proven to dramatically boost success rates. Google’s offices are a prime example of how collaboration in an open-plan design improves productivity.

73% of offices in the UK are open-plan, but without carefully considered office acoustics, it can cause both communication and concentration difficulties
However, unwanted levels of ambient noise exacerbated by an excessively reverberant environment, can cause difficulties with both communication and concentration at work.

A 2005 survey in which 23,450 respondents from 142 buildings were included, found that occupants in private offices were significantly more satisfied with noise levels and speech privacy than those in open-plan offices.

Conflicting thoughts
Research suggests that open-plan offices are less productive than private offices, but the success of open-plan offices is clear to see.

These conflicting viewpoints prompt the question:

Can open-plan offices thrive whilst recognising a need for noise reduction?

The answer is, of course, yes. With carefully considered office acoustics.

Start thinking acoustically
The acoustic design of an office is an often-overlooked consideration, with more attention being placed on thermal and ventilation systems.

However, as you can see, unwanted levels of ambient noise can have a dramatic impact on both communication, concentration, and productivity.

Strategic placement of sound-absorbing surfaces such as acoustic wall panels, acoustic ceiling tiles and soundproofing carpet underlay can contribute towards an environment that provides maximum acoustic comfort to staff.

Dedicated areas within an open-plan office for meetings or for times when extra concentration is needed, such as private booths, are also a welcomed addition.

By strengthening an employee’s feeling of privacy in an open-plan office environment, it lowers their stress levels, whilst increasing their overall satisfaction and productivity.

Privacy booths offer great office acoustics for meetings
Privacy booths with acoustic treatment are a welcomed addition to any open-plan office
The science of sound: How does sound travel?
When a sound is created in a room such as an office, sound waves travel from the source throughout the surrounding environment.

When the sound encounters a surface, for example,a wall or ceiling, part of it is absorbed and part of it is reflected. If a sound has been reflected, it will continue to travel until it reaches another surface.

When energy from a num
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Acoustic Moss Wall

Acoustic Recycled Cork Cladding

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