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Avi Bar-Mucha
38 Alexandra Road
England UK
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We’re the UK’s largest online bulk supplier of steel reinforcements, delivering you unbeatable prices.

Tzursteel is a well-established supplier of bulk steel reinforcements, TzurSteel delivers unbeatable prices, state-of-the-art products and excellent customer service from start to finish. Based in London, our company has worked within the steel reinforcement industry for many years, offering a customer-focused automatic pricing system unlike any other. We have served our customers through more than 100 depots in the UK and projects abroad.

Here at TzurSteel, we ensure quality by working with some of the country’s best suppliers, while also making sure that all the products we sell are CE certified and CARES approved. We partner with suppliers all over the UK and are able to offer the best deals for every product or service you need within the reinforcement and groundworks.

We offer cut and bend services for mild steel, stainless steel and galvanized reinforcement when required. Our main goal as a company is to redefine the concepts of time, staff management, material waste, on-site storage and productivity within the construction industry, as these factors will result in more effectiveness and professionalism.

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Tzursteel for "Better deliveries, better prices, better service!"

Low Delivery Cost Low Delivery Cost on all orders over £150 Fast Deliveries Our usual lead time is 2 days, Next day deliveries are available on demand. Labeling Although labeling is standard on some orders, If you need to label your steel order please let us know Big Saving We save you money and time with instant great prices, we guarantee unbeatable prices for all your steel needs. Online Chat Instant online chat to answer your enquiries Certificates We supply the highest quality steel in the UK and can provide the relevant certifications upon request
"Better deliveries, better prices, better service!"

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Reviews & Testimonials for TzurSteel

5 star review
September 14, 2021
Thank you for a great service and fast delivery.
Review by
5 star review
July 15, 2021
really friendly team. prices was best we found online!
Review by
5 star review
April 14, 2021
Very good service and pricing according to the quantity
Review by
5 star review
July 31, 2020
Excellent Service!!
Review by
5 star review
July 02, 2019
:) Satisfied
Testimonial by
Hadi S
5 star review
June 20, 2019
Customer Service, Quality, Selection, Wait Time.

Really easy to order and the best deals to. Thank you for making it easy for me
Testimonial by
Altin H
TzurSteel. 5 out of 5 based on 6 ratings.



Meet our dynamic pricing system!

dynamic pricing is a unique system that automatically applies a discount to your order based on the total quantity in your cart, taking into account all Mesh, Rebar and other products.

Check it out and get the best prices for Mesh, Rebar, cut & bent and more accessories -
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Sales Team 020 3856 8299

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Steel Reinforcements UK and Steel Mesh in the UK
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