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Jubilee House
No. 3 Gelders Hall Road, Shepshed
LE12 9NH

About Sayfa Systems UK

Fall Prevention, Fall Protection, and Fall Arrest Equipment
We design, manufacture, install and maintain a range of fall protection and fall prevention products with the sole aim of either eliminating or reducing the risks associated with working above ground level.

From providing safe access to rooftops and building facades for maintenance purposes, to load and work platforms and fall arrest systems used extensively in the housebuilding and construction industry, we are always thinking ahead with a view to generating a better, more effective and safer system. At SAYFA SYSTEMS – Safety comes first.

Aviator Fall Prevention & Arrest System
Maintenance of any building exterior is becoming increasingly challenging as buildings increase in complexity. The Aviator range of safety access equipment is designed to be both flexible and adaptable and to provide practical answers to any maintenance requirement. A range of safety lines adapted to all roof types, a highly technically developed aluminium safety rail and a range of davit arms and a complete range of eye-bolts will provide a solution to any access problem.

It is our aim to become involved with you project at the earliest opportunity so that we fully understand the requirements of your maintenance programme and can offer the most suitable and cost effective solution.

Payload: Industrial Safety Ladders
The Sayfa Payload range is designed to complement the Sayfa range of Aviator roof safety products by enabling safe access to the work area. We design make and install bespoke ladders, walkways, step-overs and Safety rail to meet the needs of any access requirement to ensure that maintenance can be carried out in a safe and effective environment.

All access safety equipment requires by law an annual inspection to ensure it is still safe to use. At Sayfa we have a specialist team of safety re-test engineers who are always available to inspect advise and re-certify any safety access equipment, to ensure it meets the current legal standards.

Sims: Fall Protection Equipment Inspection
In line with our vision of ‘Safety First’ we offer a full backup service for the maintenance of all our products that we have installed. Sayfa Inspection and Maintenance Services (SIMS) is the department within Sayfa Systems UK, dedicated to the upkeep and maintenance of our Aviator and Payload products and to ensure our customers are fully up to date and can meet the statutory requirements of the law.

Aviator safety lines and access points need to be inspected and re-certified annually, and all abseil points and equipment require to be re-certified every six months – this is a legal requirement. We maintain a full record of all our installations and stay in touch in order to ensure that your system is re-inspected at the right time to ensure that you remain both safe and legal.

Airdeck: Inflatable/Airbag Fall Arrest System
Airdeck is a fall arrest system utilising an inflatable air cushion, designed to protect operatives working at first-floor joist level. AirDeck comprises of an inner liner which is inflated and an outer protective bag made from woven polypropylene. The upper face is made from a double layer to provide additional protection from accidental damage.

AirDeck has been tested to check compliance with the latest recommendations of PAS 59 – 2014, by an outside testing house and was found to far exceed the proposed requirements, which means that the AirDeck system can be used with full confidence.

AirDeck is increasingly being used outside the construction industry, for which it was originally designed, as a means of portable protection against potential falls from height, validating the original concept and extending protection to workers in new sectors.

Rhinodeck: Height Safety Deck System/Work Platform Solution
RhinoDeck was conceived and designed to respond Specifically to the needs of the house building market. With a steel design for both strength and durability, RhinoDeck was brought to market to give housebuilders a safety platform for use inside the house shell during construction which provided both a means of access and a load and work platform.

The Rhino calculator, software specifically written for Sayfa, can calculate the requirements of any build. Starting with just a plan of the site the Rhino calculator will provide a list of all the components required so that everything is delivered to site ready for installation. Readily accepted by both contactors and scaffolders alike Rhino has proven many times that it provides the benefit of a faster build for the contractor and greater productivity for the scaffolder.

Sayfa Systems - Safety Zone
The Safety system is only as safe as the access to it. Access to a roof or an area of work for maintenance may have the very best safety system applied to it but if the access to it is not safe, the risk still remains.

It is for this reason that Sayfa has designed and installs a range of Sayfa products to ensure the integrity of the whole system. The Payload range is based on a modular concept which can be easily modified to fit all areas.

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